by Brandon Edmonds / 30.12.2013
We all know how truth and reconciliation worked out. Closing in on 20 years later, it’s now clear the TRC, that downcast flipside of 2010, was a kind of mnemonic
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Best of 2013 | Shit BRICS

by Iain Robinson / Images by Iain Robinson / 30.12.2013
Originally published 03 April 2013. ‘I talk a lot of shit coz I can back it up, whut?’ - Method Man I agree. I don’t like to talk shit unless I know shit. I
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Nyati Gcinithemba

Best of 2013 | To Kill a Poor Man

by Samora Chapman and Caelin Roodt / 27.12.2013
Originally published on 05 November 2013. Now is the time for the whole world to turn their gaze upon the atrocities occurring in the townships of Durban, South Africa. These
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Crack Diary

Best of 2013 | This One’s On Me

by Lwandile Fikeni / Illustration by Colwyn Thomas / 26.12.2013
Originally published 27 March 2013. I crashed badly the night before last. I was at home watching TV when I saw a beer commercial, which got me really thirsty. I
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Best of 2013 | Rat Poison and Heroin

by Samora Chapman / 25.12.2013
Whoonga is a ‘new’ street drug that seems to have a deadly grip on Poison City and its tentacles are spreading. The name “Whoonga!” is Tanzanian… it is the sound
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Shooting Crime

Best of 2013 | Shooting Crime

by Don Pinnock / 25.12.2013
Cape Town consistently scores as one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world. But out of sight, beyond the famous mountain and lazy beaches, it’s one of the
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Hout Bay Poachers

Hanging in Hangberg

by Kimon de Greef / 24.12.2013
The call came late last week. “Kimon! Where have you been? There’s big shit going on here and you need to write a story.” It was Ralph, a fifty year-old fisherman
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Kalahari Speedweek

Best of 2013 | Salt of the Earth

by Luke Daniel / 23.12.2013
My jeans are caked in a Kalahari cocktail of brown dust and warm sweat, and I’m reminiscing about the simple comfort and release that a warm shower provided a week
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A Way To Be

A Way To Be

by Ts'eliso Monaheng / 19.12.2013
If Lebogang Nkoane ruled the world, he'd probably declare ideas to be tradable currency. He'd build technology hubs, not in bustling city centres where basic amenities are within reach, but
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My Father's Hands

My Father’s Hands

by Wian van den Berg / Illustration by Sasan / 17.12.2013
My father's hands were once like mine, a child's, as soft as the earth squeezing through his fingertips, capturing the colours of his unbound imagination.
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