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Stop and Listen

by Matt Vend / 16.04.2014
On any given day, you can find buskers crooning through the Durban streets, strumming in the back alleys downtown, or serenading the high-steppers uptown. From Morningside to Dalton Hostel, the
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The Whoonga Economy

by Samora Chapman / 15.04.2014
I hadn’t been down to visit the whoonga nation in nearly six months, but I knew it was still there. Its existence plays at the back of my mind, when
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Just an average privileged white Capetonian in my mid-twenties

by Hugh Upsher / 14.04.2014
I think I am different and consider myself a personal brand. All my friends are really creative and talented. I am not a racist but I am accepting of my
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Man On The Corner [Part II]

by Karl Kemp / Illustration by Samora Chapman / 01.04.2014
And suddenly I’m a Boer and he’s a slave and Kloof street is a deserted terrain awash in a Cape storm. There’s a roaring in my ears. Silence stretched between
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ceilings fall

Collapsed Ceilings

by Kim Harrisberg / 28.03.2014
About to brush our teeth before bed, the roaring explosion of glass and hushed human voices that erupts from the dining room stops us mid-movement. “Behind the bed! Grab
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zuma songs

Zuma Songs

by Mahala High Five Brigade / 21.03.2014
Fela Kuti leads us in our joy whilst we have the day off! And other songs to remind 'the Ruling Elite' that things a gwaan change if them don't fix
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g wood

Durban Red Lights

by Matt Wilson / Images by Samora Chapman / 20.03.2014
"Would you like a prostitute with that cappuccino?" was just one of the snarkyremarks made on Facebook this week as a rumour surfaced that Glenwood was set to become Durban's
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Man On The Corner [part I]

by Karl Kemp / Images by Samora Chapman / 18.03.2014
He stood so still, I thought him first to be a statue, newly installed on the corner of Kloof and Camp street – a tribute to a lost dignitary of
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trust me

Hope For Goma (part II)

by Christopher Clark / Illustration by Swishyboy / 12.03.2014
Overhead, UN planes buzzed like bees to and from the airport on the outskirts of town. I had the sense that chaos could explode again at any moment, like a
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The Hardest Word

by Mahala High Five Brigade / Illustration by Alastair Laird / 11.03.2014
The week before last we courted a shit storm by publishing Laugh It Off's open letter to Jay Jays (yip, the one with the offensive Gay Gays spoof on the
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