Crystal Set

Crystal Set

by Katie de Klee / 29.10.2013
A couple of weeks ago we got wind of a project that is dark, unpredictable and totally unique: a new audio show that's comic, horrific and fucking confusing. It's like
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Sakhile Moleshe

Soul Fish

by Setumo-Thebe Mohlomi / 28.10.2013
In the five years Sakhile Moleshe has been a permanent feature of the successful electronic group Goldfish, he has shared the stage with some of electronic music's most notable acts.
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Fresh Faced

by Rob Cockcroft / 25.10.2013
Muzi is a fresh face on Mzansi’s EDM scene. Today we feature his debut EP, Bundu FX, and have a little chat to find out more about his musical background
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We Set Sail

Cooking For Your Fans

by Katie de Klee / Images by Alistair Barnes / 24.10.2013
Now here’s how to sell an album. You seduce your potential listener, you treat them like you're on a damn hot date and you cook them the best fucking three
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Three Shaman

Three Shamans

by Ts'eliso Monaheng / 22.10.2013
The Kyle Shepherd trio made its Johannesburg debut this past Saturday. Consisting of Kyle on piano, Shane Cooper on bass, and Jono Sweetman on drums, this virtuosic set of musicians
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Culture is not Your Friend

Culture Is Not Your Friend

by Rob Cockcroft / 18.10.2013
Since his career began in 1998, DJ Raiko has established himself as one of Mzansi’s top hip hop DJs. We enlisted him to drop this week’s Mahala Friday Mix and
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You Should Be Listening To

by Jonathan Arnold / 16.10.2013
Instead of a DJ mix for Mahala, we came up with another idea. Every month we’d ask someone we’ve worked with and whose musical taste we admire, to select some
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Pushing the Daisies

by Hugh Upsher / 15.10.2013
It is safe to say festivals like Rocking the Daisies are a suburban kid’s party paradise. There are no roadblocks, no car guards and no way of telling if the
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cold turks


by Rob Cockcroft / 11.10.2013
This week's mixtape comes from Jumping Backslash, a foul mouthed, chain smoking dude who, if it weren't for his limey accent, you would think grew up in a really rough
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Almost Famous

by Nolan Stevens / 04.10.2013
Even the hardcore okes in their wife-beaters who'd made the mission in the cold to check out the other band with those metal guys couldn’t help but to bob a
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