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Reluctant Punk

by Jon Monsoon / 26.03.2014
Initially the front man for post-hardcore UK outfit Million Dead, Frank Turner, the Eton-schooled singer-songwriter, now travels the world singing rousing drunk punk songs in a folky manner well-suited for
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Higher Consciousness

by Tseliso Monaheng / 25.03.2014
Although Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness have been around collectively forever, it only feels like now, this moment, this time – is their defining moment. Like they’re on the verge of
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AKA and Da Les in The Sky

by Tseliso Monaheng / 24.03.2014
AKA and Da Les spent the better part of 2013 performing live together and building their chemistry, which led to them being hailed as "the Brandy and Monica of
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The World’s Last DJ

by World's Last DJ / Images by Two Eyes / 24.03.2014
Vinyl. A beautiful way to collect music and great for sexual innuendo (“what’s big, black and twelve inches?” etc), but perhaps more importantly – flaunting your vinyl knowledge is a
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zuma songs

Zuma Songs

by Mahala High Five Brigade / 21.03.2014
Fela Kuti leads us in our joy whilst we have the day off! And other songs to remind 'the Ruling Elite' that things a gwaan change if them don't fix
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Real Alternative Music Fest

by Hugh Upsher / 17.03.2014
I had come a long way since I drove my blue Citi-Golf to the first RAMfest back in 2007. It used to be Oros+Jack Daniels in a 2l bottle, collapsing
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Hinds bros

The Madala Trance

by Matt Vend / Images by Tracy Hinds / 13.03.2014
If Syd Kitchen's soul was wandering through the streets of Durban last Friday night, he woulda definitely made a stop in at The Upstairs and he would have been smiling
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cts album launch

Tigers In Jozi

by Tseliso Monaheng / 12.03.2014
Christian Tiger School have been rocking the bells with their new double album 'Chrome Tapes'. Tseliso Monaheng caught the album launch at Kitcheners in Jozi and took some snaps of
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The State of Mzansi Hip Hop

by Tseliso Monaheng / 11.03.2014
The problem with South African hip hop is that it's become too safe. Cutting-edge rappers are being sidelined in favour of tried-and-tested mainstays – creating a cycle of regurgitated talent
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people everywhere

A Bizarre Night at Roma Revolving

by Russell Grant / 10.03.2014
Last week I caught Durban's newest musical add-on, Mickey Burns, at the Roma Revolving Restaurant for The Bose Experience. The Roma Revolving Restaurant is an age old Durban institution. For
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