Boddhi Satva

Give Thanks

by Ts'eliso Monaheng / 09.09.2013
To Mzansi house music followers, the name Boddhi Satva should sound familiar, especially to those who prefer their four-to-the-floor beats deep, moody, and thick-layered with awesome amounts of funk. He's
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Grietfest Experience

Must Jol Hard

by Hugh Upsher / 09.09.2013
Something special happens when you charge people R100 for a night out. The mindset shifts into that illogical 'MUST JOL HARD' zone normally reserved for actual music festivals. GRIETfest at
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Instagram Quality

A Great Place to Pick Up Chicks

by Mahala High Five Brigade / Images by Hanro Havenga / 06.09.2013
Here at Mahala, music is war. Luckily Shortstraw aren't too cool to just ignore us. Hell they even produced their own infographic and called us out for being 'cunty' to
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There Will Be Blood

by Rob Cockcroft / Images by Anne-Sophie Leens / 06.09.2013
We sat down with Isaac Mutant, the no-holds-barred rapper/frontman of a groundbreaking collaborative hip hop crew called Dookoom who are dropping their self-titled debut album at Blitzkroeg in Harrington Street,
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Weekend Special

Weekend Special

by Brandon Edmonds / 05.09.2013
Wikipedia says Brenda Fassie was in and out of rehab “about 30 times in her life”. She died at forty. The math alone demands a word like “troubled” when trying
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The John Wizards

The Real John Wizards

by Katie de Klee / 02.09.2013
For a moment he stopped talking, smiled and sighed. “You know, I think I’m getting better at this,” he said. “I’ve done quite a lot of interviews recently and I
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Happiness Machines

by Ts'eliso Monaheng / 02.09.2013
In writing about P.H.fat, it is essential to not only dissect the music, but the trajectory which their career has taken since they, to paraphrase Gangstarr, stepped into the arena.
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Phat Jack

Chuggy Basslines

by Mahala High Five Brigade / 30.08.2013
Phat Jack is a DJ, producer, record store owner and events co-ordinator who has been involved in the Mzansi deep house scene since the early 90s. Since those early days
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Ivan Mazuze

Joy of Jazz

by Ts’eliso Monaheng / 28.08.2013
He ogles at her like you would a desired object – lustfully yet slyly to hide his crushing desire from the company he keeps. Moments later, side-by-side, they’re headed towards
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Das Kapital


by Hugh Upsher / 27.08.2013
SA's Premiere Alternative Dance Music Festival returns for a third year to Joburg and Cape Town this weekend. Before it kicks off, Hugh Upsher chatted to Das Kapital about what
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