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Terms Of Engagement

by Jon Monsoon / Images by Samora Chapman / 26.05.2014
Fronted by Paul Blom and his wife Sonja, Terminatryx have been single-handedly bearing the torch for industrial metal / electro-goth music in South Africa for the past twelve years. I
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Music Power

by Karl Kemp / 19.05.2014
At 24 years of age, Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh has had a full life. He' a fresh-faced young man with a serious education, deep political lineage and a hunger to speak his
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The Watermark High 2014 Press Pic 1 - Bernard Brand - Web

The Watermark Is Rising

by Ella Grimwade / 09.05.2014
Paul van der Walt aka The Watermark High is an electronic producer that has been surging beneath the surface of the Jo'burg music scene for some time. His new EP
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Cathartic Soul Music

by Tseliso Monaheng / 09.05.2014
8 Bars Short is a Johannesburg-based acoustic guitar and vocal collabo between Itani Thalefi and Pelonomi Moiloa. Formed in 2012, they make cathartic soul music that cleanses and heals.
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Maak Bene Sterk

by Rob Cockcroft / 29.04.2014
Cape Town rapper Chase Lutron (Hiperdelic Records) has just dropped a vid for ‘Kalsium’, a track off his independently-released 2012 album ‘Legkaart: Die Kruis en Die Kroon’. In the song
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scrambles 4

Scrambles For Money

by Tseliso Monaheng / 22.04.2014
Tseliso Monaheng brings us snapshots and commentary from the last Scrambles For Money battle in Braamfontein. Bring your punchlines yo!
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Stop and Listen

by Matt Vend / 16.04.2014
On any given day, you can find buskers crooning through the Durban streets, strumming in the back alleys downtown, or serenading the high-steppers uptown. From Morningside to Dalton Hostel, the
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Garlic Brown

Forward The Sword

by Rob Cockcroft / 09.04.2014
Garlic Brown has been blessing the Cape Town hip hop scene with lyrical sorcery and spellbinding stage performances since back in the early 2000s. Known to older heads as Judah
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dallas t

Lesotho Hip Hop: From The Ground Up [Part II]

by Tseliso Monaheng / 08.04.2014
“Right now, it’s at the point where it’s being overrated; people are assuming to be where they aren’t," explains Papa Zee. "This [moment] should be perceived to be the beginning
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Changeling At The Pit

by Hugh Upsher / 08.04.2014
Changeling are of the rare, slumped over, hair-instead-of-a-face, psych-noise rock band variety. They announce their presence by pounding out a gloriously noisy six minute instrumental. Even though they are set
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