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Sunshine in Langa

by Kimon de Greef / Images by Images by Belia Oh / 25.02.2014
Sunday, 6pm. We arrive outside Gugu S'Thebe community centre in Langa for the Breathe Sunshine Unity Jam and the dancehall jams are thumping. A guard waves us into a fenced
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Authentic Gentleman

by Kimon de Greef / Images by Deborah Roussouw / 19.02.2014
Gentleman, international dancehall superstar, is sitting on an upturned crate in a trader’s stall, watched by a jury of carved wooden faces. “Dis one don’t like me at all,” he
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Kicking it with Khuli

by Tseliso Monaheng / 18.02.2014
In October last year, rapper Khuli Chana was just about shot to pieces by some seriously misguided coppers. His vehicle was punctured seven times by the trigger happy police, who
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Where life is not shit

by Hugh Upsher / 12.02.2014
There are a few simple elements that make this festival the most pleasant music festival I've ever experienced. No international headliners mean only people who love South African music and
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Jeremy Hiebert CBK

Wake The Dead

by Phil Wilson & Mahala High Five Brigade / 06.02.2014
Turn the clocks back to October 25, 2008. Roughly 250 sweaty kids are piled into a church in a quiet suburban neighbourhood on the outskirts of Durban, all screaming: "This
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Fly by the Seat

Fly by the seat

by Setumo-Thebe Mohlomi / 04.02.2014
There is something unsettling about seeing Francois van Coke of Fokofpolisiekar sitting down on stage. His stage persona has been carefully manicured over more than ten years of gigging with
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The Pit Will Teach You

by Milton Schorr / Images by David Devo Oosthuizen / 03.02.2014
Broken bottles, glass scattered across tar, crunching beneath boots. A crowd’s pouring past… 10 000 of them. Eyes dart nervously around. Some in the crowd are breathless, talking fast. “Lamb
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Shooting with Khuli

Shooting With Khuli

by Ts'eliso Monaheng / 31.01.2014
Number 15 Siemert Street is one of Johannesburg's many rare gems. ‘Marcoza House’ reads the letters carved in black steel above the entrance guarded by a man dressed in all
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by Setumo-Thebe Mohlomi / 29.01.2014
The festive season is usually a time for people working away from their homes to make their return to the place of their birth, or to a place where their
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Music for the Universe

by Robin Scher / 24.01.2014
Ahmed Gallab dislikes the phrase 'world music'. Born in Sudan, raised in Ohio and now a resident of New York City, he prefers the term 'universal'. If ever a band
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