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As Above, So Below

by Paul Blom / 05.09.2014
Utilising the found footage / faux documentary device, the main character in it all is Scarlett; a driven, well-educated young woman trying to uncover the truth behind some ancient mythology,
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The Purge: Anarchy

by Paul Blom / 01.09.2014
So here I sit in the dark on a mid-week morning watching a movie that, at its face value, can be seen as a mere semi-mainstream exploitation flick, but very
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The strange alchemy of life and lens

by Joshua Maserow / 13.08.2014
Deep within the aisles of Benoni Discount Stores, the chipped steps of a staircase descend into the heavy gloom of the stockroom. Narrow paths scythe through piles and piles of
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Concerning Violence | DIFF 2014

by Kavish Chetty / 26.07.2014
The setup for this film could not be more gripping for anyone interested in anticolonial and radical African history: nine chapters in which Lauryn Hill narrates excerpts from Algeria-based psychiatrist
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Shield and Spear | DIFF 2014

by Matt Vend / 25.07.2014
Shield and Spear tells the story of the dreams and aspirations of local artists and musicians in post-apartheid South Africa. Mzansi is a country still torn and divided, still suffering
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Beti and Amare | DIFF 2014

by Kavish Chetty / 24.07.2014
The Ethiopia of Beti and Amare has the slumberous atmosphere of a world that has long since surrendered to the apocalypse. Director Andy Siege, a young man who lived his
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From Hard Drive to The World

by Hagen Engler / 20.06.2014
There is a grim scene about halfway through Ernest Nkosi’s Thina Sobabili that just makes your skin crawl. It is one of the most horrific, outrageous and disgusting pieces of
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March of The Gods

by Jon Monsoon / 04.04.2014
Despite a brittle association to blues music, heavy metal is very much a white man’s gig. And yet, not exclusively so. For just as you’re sure to find a pasty
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Four Corners

by Kavish Chetty / 31.03.2014
Four Corners is set out on the blistered ganglands of the Cape Flats where young Ricardo (Jezriel Skei) is a fatherless youth trying his best to resist the tethers of
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I, Frankenstein

by Kavish Chetty / 14.03.2014
“Frankenstein is a myth; a horror story to scare children,” says the cute blonde scientist at the beginning of I, Frankenstein. This is the lie at the heart of the
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