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Spore in the Dirt - Part 3

Sediment and Tears

by Timothy Gabb / 09.08.2012
Part 3 The next morning begins as the previous. Loud birds and the church bell. It’s still very early when the men come and find me at my campsite. They arrived with
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Spore in the Dirt | Existence is Movement

Existence is Movement

by Timothy Gabb / 08.08.2012
Part 2 I awake the following morning to the shrill sqwaking of a cacophonous assembly of birds in the trees above my tent. I am camping at the backpackers, and rise
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Bicycle Portraits - John Jacobs

The Bicycle Portraits

by Brandon Edmonds / 03.08.2012
It’s taken more than two years and over 6000 cycled kilometers, countless falls, phone calls, head colds and punctures – not to mention the kindness of strangers – but the
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Cycling Around the Hole - Opening

Cycling Around the Hole

by Samora Chapman / 27.07.2012
In the centre of Azania is a great big hole. And alongside it is a quiet little town called Kimberley. It’s quite unlikely that you would ever go there out
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Under The Tree - Leman

Under The Tree

by Paula Akugizibwe / Images by Evan Abrahamse / 18.07.2012
You would need industrial strength ear plugs, and possibly a lobotomy, to escape the musical energy of Maputo. From the ubiquitous auto(party)mobiles to the live music shows scattered around the
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Offing the Goose

Offing the Goose

by Brandon Edmonds / 25.05.2012
I’m extremely jealous about an Egyptian goose new to my Muizenberg neighborhood – and I honestly want to kill it. Dead. For 2 reasons. They’re both very selfish. The main
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AfrikaBurn | Tourist and Terrorist

Tourist and Terrorist

by Phumlani Pikoli / Images by Mads Nørgaard / 25.05.2012
I’ve been a fierce critic of this little pop up community for the longest time, based on two principles. One: The name. A spinoff of Burning Man, I still can’t
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JMSCC - Loyiso

Jou Ma Se Comedy

by Amory Fleming / 17.04.2012
Cape Town’s stand-up comedy fans would have done well by being at the River Club on Thursday. Golf balls set sail into the night as a boozy tourist crowd sipped
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Montle Moorosi, Alastair Laird

Air Borne Aids

by Montle Moorosi / Illustration by Alastair Laird / 12.03.2012
I’m obsessed with fame and death. If you see me walking down the street, I’m probably thinking about how awesome it would be if photographers were trying to take
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Remembering White Whitney

Remembering White Whitney

by Sean O'Toole / 17.02.2012
It is 1986, the summer of the greatest love of all. A group of Pretoria matrics is saying goodbye to algebra, Afrikaans second language, the lifecycle of the amoeba and
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