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by Andy Davis / 11.06.2013
Night time in Soweto, long hours past the daylight curfew for whiteys, we navigate the M1 South to the Nasrec turn off and then the Golden Highway, jamming right into
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Don’t Worry about the Hangover

by Ts’eliso Monaheng / 10.06.2013
We drove from Jozi central, me and my cohort. We on-ramped onto the M3 South, then thumb-sucked our way through the fast-enveloping darkness. After a clueless crusade through Eldorado Park,
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Kool Kat

by Ts'eliso Monaheng / 31.05.2013
From the moment we heard their Michael Jackson-referencing, 80s disco-inspired songs from “Greatest hits Vol.1“, we knew that Dirty Paraffin were onto something. But we lay low,
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isPantsula Roots Mixtape

by Kimon de Greef / 31.05.2013
To get you in the mood for tomorrow’s battle, start your day with some vintage sounds from the SA township dance scene from 1960 til around 1980. This
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Dance Egos

by Ray van Wyk / 30.05.2013
There are few places in the world that can make you feel more out of touch than on a dancefloor. Out there, surrounded by so many critical eyes, you can
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Rhyme and Reason

by Ts'eliso Monaheng / 27.05.2013
Reason Lebaka has been busy over the past year. Ever since Tumi Molekane signed him to his Motif imprint (also home to Zaki Ibrahim and Samthing Soweto – formerly of
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Via Volcano

by Rob Scher / Images by Sydelle Willow Smith / 23.05.2013
Visiting Krugersdorp for the first time is like taking a trip through time to the the old Transvaal. Our connection to the crew, William, said he’d meet us by the
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The Indigenous Dance Academy

by Rob Scher / Images by Sydelle Willow Smith / 15.05.2013
Dance academy – the words inspire images of hardwood floors, wall-length mirrors and torrid love affairs between privileged white girls and boys ‘from the wrong side of the tracks’. Pulling
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Old Skool B-Boy Toolkit

by Dj Azuhl / 10.05.2013
Want to pop and lock like a pro? How tight are your suicides? DJ Azuhl has been spinning hip hop beats for the b-boys to clown around to since way
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by Ts'eliso Monaheng / 02.05.2013
Poloko lives on the outskirts of Joburg with his grandmother and two younger sisters. At twenty years young, he’s seen first-hand all the ills of kasi life eMzansi. Up until
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