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Eat Your Heart Out

by Mahala High Five Brigade / Images by Samora Chapman / 04.03.2014
Heading down to the local Spur for a steak is not really such a big deal, right? We, the fortunate haves, can generally find the Randelas for a plate of
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by Amy Searll / 04.12.2013
Breakfast at Bottega: cheaper than Tiffany’s and probably just as good.
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by Su-yen Thornhill / 28.11.2013
There’s no such thing as a free lunch, or so they say. There’s usually some sort of catch, yet there are people who can wangle freebies all the time. During
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Yoffi Falafel

by Ella Grimwade / Images by Robin Bernstein / 23.10.2013
Although Turkey, Palestine and Lebanon have all laid claim to creating the culinary delight. Many of the African nations, ranging from Egypt to Morocco can all stake a reputable claim
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Gangnam Korean Barbecue

by Amy Searll / 17.10.2013
When I try a new restaurant, especially if it’s one I’ve found out about by word of mouth, I desperately want to like it. That’s always the risk. It could
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The Dog’s Bollocks

by Katie de Klee / 10.10.2013
Is eating with your hands playing with your food? And if it is, is that a bad thing? Why is it that we feel so socially bound to use cold
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At The Table

by Su-Yen Thornhill / 02.10.2013
In flight magazines rarely inspire. Insipid letters to the editor professing amazement at service and cuisine, (in fact the more unlikely the praise the greater the chance of publication and
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The Red Chamber

by Amy Searll / 25.09.2013
The Red Chamber is a restaurant in a larney mall, but please trust me on this, it’s not how it looks. Since it opened, it’s been all food and very
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Bob’s Bagel Cafe

by Dominique Herman / 21.08.2013
Kalk Bay locals don't care about flashy clothes and fancy cars. They tend to be focused on family, community and the surf. And, up till this point, they've been hard
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Papa Schwarma

by Amy Searll / 14.08.2013
If the UN had a restaurant, it would be this place. On the Tuesday night I was there (researching this article with another laffa) I saw a table full of
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