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White Madness

White Madness

by Mlilo Mpondo / Illustration by Sasan / 05.02.2014
What does slavery, colonialism, the Jim Crow laws and apartheid tell us about white folk? That they are afflicted with serious control issues. Much attention is paid to black history;
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Pavement Music

by Dudumalingani Mqombothi / 04.02.2014
The street musicians form the tapestry of the Cape Town city centre. One late afternoon, the sound of a man singing penetrates the window of my apartment. I cannot make
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Fly by the Seat

Fly by the seat

by Setumo-Thebe Mohlomi / 04.02.2014
There is something unsettling about seeing Francois van Coke of Fokofpolisiekar sitting down on stage. His stage persona has been carefully manicured over more than ten years of gigging with
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Guns and Ganja

by Kimon de Greef / 03.02.2014
In the Transkei, a subset of the rural poor prowl at the edges of the tourist economy, waiting for scraps. There are fishermen selling mussels and undersized crayfish, small children
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Shooting with Khuli

Shooting With Khuli

by Ts'eliso Monaheng / 31.01.2014
Number 15 Siemert Street is one of Johannesburg's many rare gems. ‘Marcoza House’ reads the letters carved in black steel above the entrance guarded by a man dressed in all
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by Setumo-Thebe Mohlomi / 29.01.2014
The festive season is usually a time for people working away from their homes to make their return to the place of their birth, or to a place where their
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Jan Pretorius

Coast Guards

by Rob Mills / 28.01.2014
The very mention of the “car guard” brings negative connotations to mind. Pesky individuals who pop out of nowhere when you have been in the Spar for only five minutes
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stop yapping

Yap History

by Don Pinnock / Images by Samora Chapman / 27.01.2014
If the yapping of your neighbour's dog is driving you crazy consider this: there's a good chance that you're alive today because of barking dogs. Here's why.
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Let Them Shine

by Ella Grimwade / 27.01.2014
His face furrowed in concentration, slowly, haltingly, Dylan fought his way through a sentence. As he planted a full stop at the end, he looks up at Linda for her
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Grey Giant

Grey Giant

by Trevor Jones and Katarzyna Nowak / 23.01.2014
Earlier this month, international media ran with a major prediction released by the IUCN that “one-fifth of Africa’s elephants could be wiped out in the next ten years, at current
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