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starving artist

Starving Artist

by Lineo Segoete / Illustration by Sasan / 02.07.2014
The Sesotho word for a great artist is kheleke. In Sesotho culture, the kheleke is renowned, adroit, charismatic and looked up to among his/her people. The artist echoes the people’s
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Living Kingdoms Of Clouds

by Don Pinnock / 26.06.2014
Without clouds, earth would, over millions of years ago, have become a wasteland much like the planets Venus or Mars appear today. Clouds reflect enough sunlight to keep the earth
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Just An Average Previously Advantaged Black Guy From Egoli

by KK / Illustration by Keegan Thornhill / 17.06.2014
I'm just an average previously advantaged black guy from Egoli. Yes, I come from ekasi, Soweto. I’m tired of telling people that I grew up in Orlando West, only worth
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It’s Hard Being Afrikaans

by Karl Kemp / Illustration by Sasan / 12.06.2014
We’re gathered in our Sunday best on a hellishly hot Thursday afternoon at a marquee tent at the cultural phenomenon known as Woordfees in Stellenbosch. I look around at the
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Freeze Frame - Winners

Learning Lessons | Red Bull Beat Battle

by Mooketsi Nthite / Images by Luke Daniel / 05.06.2014
Let’s get one thing straight: I’m as fanatical about hip hop as Boko Haram is about kidnapping school girls… so my views on other music and dance sub-cultures are undoubtedly
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African Tourist

by Siyabonga Dennis / Illustration by Keegan Thornhill / 04.06.2014
There is no such thing as an African tourist. Perhaps that should read: “there is no such thing as a black African tourist.” Most of the time us black people
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Making Green Pop!

by Jacques Smit / 30.05.2014
GreenPop held their fourth annual Reforest Festival earlier this month at the Platbos Forest Reserve – the southernmost (milk wood) forest in Africa. Around 3 000 saplings were planted during
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long road

Towards The End of the World | A Hitchhiker’s Guide To Namibia

by Christopher Clark / 20.05.2014
Intrepid travel writer, Chris Clark, lets go of the reins and drifts through the dry, forgotten landscape of Namibia.
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pretty pink

Burn ‘Em Down

by Tyrone Bradley / 20.05.2014
There was a lot of negativity surrounding Afrika Burn this year. A lot of haters screaming "hypocrisy!" – disenchanted by the huge costs involved in getting there and the amount
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The Adventures of Bobby Greenhash

by Matt Vend / 16.05.2014
Last week we reported on the Durban Cannabis March, where a charismatic pro-marijuana activist by the name of ‘Bobby Greenhash’ was arrested for puffing the biggest spliff to ever grace
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