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stop yapping

Yap History

by Don Pinnock / Images by Samora Chapman / 27.01.2014
If the yapping of your neighbour's dog is driving you crazy consider this: there's a good chance that you're alive today because of barking dogs. Here's why.
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Let Them Shine

by Ella Grimwade / 27.01.2014
His face furrowed in concentration, slowly, haltingly, Dylan fought his way through a sentence. As he planted a full stop at the end, he looks up at Linda for her
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Grey Giant

Grey Giant

by Trevor Jones and Katarzyna Nowak / 23.01.2014
Earlier this month, international media ran with a major prediction released by the IUCN that “one-fifth of Africa’s elephants could be wiped out in the next ten years, at current
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Starts At Home

Start At Home

by Ella Grimwade / 22.01.2014
It is very easy for a charity, particularly a childrens’ charity, to inadvertently adopt a patronising attitude towards the individuals they set out to help. Even with the best of
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Africa United

by Morrel Shilenge / 21.01.2014
The Confederation of African Football (CAF) is hosting yet another tournament in South Africa; (CHAN). A total of 16 nations will contest to be crowned the champions of CHAN.
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Hey Brother, Nice Shoes!

by Hugh Upsher / 21.01.2014
How to Steal Smart Phones on Long Street at Night.
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The Rise of Ritalin

The Rise and Rise of Ritalin

by Kathryn Mitchell / 20.01.2014
The ethics of cognition enhancing drugs. “Academic contraband” may seem like an oxymoron. But, as more and more intellectually intact students turn to Ritalin as a study tool, the term
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Away with the Fairies

by Ella Grimwade / 20.01.2014
To you future wanderer, should you ever wander there, I have just one piece of advice. Never, ever trust a little hobgoblin of a man who offers you mushrooms with
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William ripping

New Kings of the Amagagasi

by Samora Chapman / 17.01.2014
It was all heat and madness as I headed down to the Durban beachfront for Kushay’ igagasi, the only isiZulu surf contest in the country. But what does an isiZulu
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Multum in parvo miami

Keep the Faith

by Mahala High Five Brigade / 16.01.2014
2013 was a massive year for Faith47, the street artist hailing from Cape Town. Faith’s powerful work has graced gallery spaces and public walls all over the world. Here’s a
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