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The Hardest Word

by Mahala High Five Brigade / Illustration by Alastair Laird / 11.03.2014
The week before last we courted a shit storm by publishing Laugh It Off's open letter to Jay Jays (yip, the one with the offensive Gay Gays spoof on the
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Power to the People

by Samora Chapman / Images by Sheldon Wins / 05.03.2014
It’s New Year’s at Smoking Dragon in the KZN midlands and all the cool kids are out to play. It’s been a long year toiling in the harsh economic sunshine
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bleeder not fighter

Welcome To Congo

by Christopher Clark / Illustration by Swishyboy / 05.03.2014
The immigration officer sat back in his chair and let out a deep sigh, then patted his round belly a few times like a drum, dum-da-dum-dum, staring into space, absorbed
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A Gang of Gatherations

by Don Pinnock / 27.02.2014
It began, evidently, long ago and with animal poo. Gentlemen hunters in 14th-Century France needed to identify the droppings of their prey in terms not considered coarse. The invention of
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Sunshine in Langa

by Kimon de Greef / Images by Images by Belia Oh / 25.02.2014
Sunday, 6pm. We arrive outside Gugu S'Thebe community centre in Langa for the Breathe Sunshine Unity Jam and the dancehall jams are thumping. A guard waves us into a fenced
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small GBOMB

The G-Bomb and the natural limits of t-shirt satire

by Andy Davis / 20.02.2014
“Hey bru, that’s pretty gay!” I said it quite naturally in a conversation this morning and then caught myself. We sports and vagina-loving straights tend to make the mistake
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An Open Letter to JayJays

by Bartlett / 19.02.2014
They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and that you flatter to deceive. Well whoever 'they' are must've been talking about the clothing company that is JayJays,
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Authentic Gentleman

by Kimon de Greef / Images by Deborah Roussouw / 19.02.2014
Gentleman, international dancehall superstar, is sitting on an upturned crate in a trader’s stall, watched by a jury of carved wooden faces. “Dis one don’t like me at all,” he
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soft walls

See Through Walls

by Tseliso Monaheng / 13.02.2014
Photographer Sydelle Willow-Smith’s work seeks to present an accurate depiction of the spaces she inhabits. Her gaze undulates in accordance with her subject matter – reflexive, like her portraits of
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Rolling Retro: ballies ‘n boards

by Jon Monsoon / 11.02.2014
Surfers. Give 'em any excuse to bang on about the good ol' days when surfing was pure, the water was clean, and the boards were better. Turns out, they could
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