Roskilde Roaring

by Kevin Goss-Ross / Images by Kevin Goss-Ross & Christoffer Rosenfeldt / 17.07.2014
After giving Mahala the finger a few years back, I approached the Ed for tickets to Roskilde with my tail between my legs, a day before press accreditation closed, thinking
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by Hugh Upsher / Images by Dirk Steenkamp / 16.07.2014
With the amount of sophisticated wine drinking going down, the First Thursdays art happening can now claim the title 'Phuza Thursdays For White People'. I carved out a manageable schedule
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summer love

London Lament

by Christopher Clark / Images by Samora Chapman / 15.07.2014
There’s something about London in spring. The whole place feels like it just emerged from the throes of a civil war. Everyone seems a little delirious: too happy, too hopeful;
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The dark shadow with sharp teeth

by Don Pinnock / 07.07.2014
I’m not afraid of dogs. They’ve been with me all my life and I’m very relaxed around them. I’ve never been bitten or even growled at. We instinctively understand each
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starving artist

Starving Artist

by Lineo Segoete / Illustration by Sasan / 02.07.2014
The Sesotho word for a great artist is kheleke. In Sesotho culture, the kheleke is renowned, adroit, charismatic and looked up to among his/her people. The artist echoes the people’s
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Living Kingdoms Of Clouds

by Don Pinnock / 26.06.2014
Without clouds, earth would, over millions of years ago, have become a wasteland much like the planets Venus or Mars appear today. Clouds reflect enough sunlight to keep the earth
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Just An Average Previously Advantaged Black Guy From Egoli

by KK / Illustration by Keegan Thornhill / 17.06.2014
I'm just an average previously advantaged black guy from Egoli. Yes, I come from ekasi, Soweto. I’m tired of telling people that I grew up in Orlando West, only worth
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It’s Hard Being Afrikaans

by Karl Kemp / Illustration by Sasan / 12.06.2014
We’re gathered in our Sunday best on a hellishly hot Thursday afternoon at a marquee tent at the cultural phenomenon known as Woordfees in Stellenbosch. I look around at the
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Freeze Frame - Winners

Learning Lessons | Red Bull Beat Battle

by Mooketsi Nthite / Images by Luke Daniel / 05.06.2014
Let’s get one thing straight: I’m as fanatical about hip hop as Boko Haram is about kidnapping school girls… so my views on other music and dance sub-cultures are undoubtedly
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African Tourist

by Siyabonga Dennis / Illustration by Keegan Thornhill / 04.06.2014
There is no such thing as an African tourist. Perhaps that should read: “there is no such thing as a black African tourist.” Most of the time us black people
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