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World Domination or Whatevs 1

World Domination and Whatevs

by Alastair Laird / 07.01.2012

*Illustration © Alastair Laird.

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  1. cnut says:

    You muppets could do with some ‘real’ opinions from ‘real’ fellow young black New South Africa columnists like Vusi Mabasa (and his news24 columns) to keep us coming back… that however would would go against Andy Davis’ macabre need to continue playing his ‘GenX-lefty-white-apologist’ fetish game for which this site is so clearly devolved into!

    Suck on that ‘Mahala-high-5-brigade’!

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  2. Hoogasta says:

    News24? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! don’t make me kak my pants, son.

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  3. gunston says:

    hells teeth you okes at mahala are taking a kak long holiday though.

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  4. cnut says:

    Hoogasta you’d better put your incontinence pants back on there dilettante!

    He’s a legend and the voice for many of us educated successful black youngsters… you should take note… or not… just keep reading Andy Davis’ ‘poor-little-me-I’m-a-GenX-white-apologist’ swill…

    Vusi writes for nix and would be a welcome change here… use it… don’t use it!


    Now what is that fucking stench?

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  5. Alicia says:

    I love how Roger is semi-drowning one of his many fictional groupies in panel five.

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  6. Bruno says:

    Roger appears to be turning into Nelson Muntz.

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  7. noonoo says:

    Mahala… the poster child for capitalism, coming soon…..

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  8. n.x.n says:

    cnut, stop being a cunt and pull your finger out of your black ass and start the site of your dreams.

    Goddamn pompous assmonkey, do something constructive with all that bile you have pissing out of your head.

    You expect an Andy Davis to satisfy your dreams of a young, gifted and black culture club? While you continue to read his ‘gen-x-white-‘ what the fuck ever, and complain about it?

    That makes you the dilettante, sunshine.

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  9. Margot says:

    Jesus Cnut you are such a relentless idiot. Do you outright lack the facility for irony? Because you know, saying the same.fucking.thing at every turn “everything about mahala, its readership and writers = shit”, yet you’re evidently totally preoccupied with it.
    You are trying to be soooo contro – and probably angling to be invited to write for the site – but the things you say are unenlightening, unfunny, and lack any trace of charm. Get over it. You are rubbish at even being a troll! You regularly harp on about what a success you are, (though one wonders at what, given your unwavering presence on the comments boards here) so why not focus on the thing that you’re (allegedly) good at? Thanks for being the first comment I read on Mahala this year. Your unpleasantness is a constant, if nothing else.

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  10. Margot says:

    Oh also, stop trying to make “the mahala high 5 brigade” catch on as a Thing. It’s not that good. Also please shut up about genx white lefty apologists. (Have you read generation x? probably not or you would understand irony…) Again, you are not the coruscating shower of wit you believe you are.

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  11. Roger Young says:

    Dear All

    Please click on that link that cnut has put up.

    Dear Cnut

    I don’t see how the views expressed in that link are so different from most Mahala’s. If I am wrong, please elucidate me.

    (PS: Thanks for that, going to quote some of it in my next piece)

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  12. cnut says:

    Hi fan-club…

    Firstly… Roger you are a good writer/reviewer and a fat debauched cunt (I am a fan in my own cnutish way but your secretly know that)… at least you aren’t a ‘woe-is-me-white-apologist’ like the ‘devolved’ Andy Davis even though I’d bet you dressed as either a mod/punk/new romantic in your day…

    Vusi is fucking great innit… I’m a great mentor and he comes cheap so use it or don’t… did I mention I’m a great mentor?

    Secondly… Margot… nice try Andy (I could not think of a more derogatory adjective for you Margot… Andy is it if you don’t mind from now) … but I only read this part… “Oh also, stop trying to make “the mahala high 5 brigade” catch on as a Thing. “… whilst the movie THE THING scared the bejuzez out of me (worse than the Tokoloshe … it’s listed on urbandictionary.com so how about that… and next time pal… the butt-plug needs to go on the other side to stop that menstrual swill you are attempting to post as ‘relevant’!

    Thirdly… n.x.n… thanks for the above… I read it as a rap with a glitch-hop sound-track… really creative mate… I’m still chuckling (/popping)… now google my name and then RSA (and Aus)’s most successful SEO/SMO/MM company as well as BEE back-door into RSA’s most profitable PLAT mine company… and then get back to me flow!

    Us young Saffa’s are doing fucking well… and we ain’t making excuses at any stage nor calling in favours… NOW Roger… is the Charlie still shite in CT?

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  13. Roger Young says:


    New Romantic.

    Do you know Graham Feltham by any chance? Thoughts?

    I’m not so sure Vusi is “great” there is some thinking there that is a little unformed. But the no apologies, no excuses route is always the best.

    And yes it’s still shit, but they call it cheese now.

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  14. Margot says:

    Shame Cnut, when you take a time out from your rigorous mahala-reading schedule to attend your weekly BEE circle jerk (“Small and Medium Enterprises” in your parlance) do you not get the praise you feel you deserve? Here’s a tip off: no one here gives a shit what (you think) you have achieved or what you earn. And since you’ve demonstrated an interest in dictionaries, try “Hubris”. I think you’ll find it elucidatory.

    Oh and here’s something Andy would never say: The fact that the worst you can do is resort to lame quips about menstruation is the first indicator you were reared in a thicket of chauvanism. But your lack of class is all your own.

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  15. n.x.n says:


    cnut, you owe me R900.

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