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We Would Rise

by Vincent Nwilo / 11.10.2013

Vincent Nwilo, who writes under the pseudonym Nwilo Bura-Bari Vincent, was born on the 15th day of September 1987 in Rivers State, Nigeria. He had his formative education in the city of Port Harcourt under harsh conditions – from dilapidated facilities to subhuman living spaces like the violence-ridden Mile 3 and Ogbunabali. He chose poetry and the short-story as mediums for the expression of his anger. “Stories from Bori and other Poems”, is his first collection of poem and Vincent is the founder of Words Not Swords. He offers a declaration of strength and the ability to rise regardless of what may try to put him down. A mantra that is really powerful.

We Would Rise

To every windfall that comes at drought
And every free rides that comes on rainy days
We would rise!
Above deaf ears with meaningful words
And poverty with meaningful faith

To all the sunshine in the world
And the beautiful songs that ease pains
We would rise
Above speculators
And loud cheers

To life’s greatest gift of love
And man’s strangest organ called mind
We would rise
To love and to hold
To care and to show

Let’s throw up hands and bubble
Let’s throw up strength and fix painful lashes
For we would rise
Above powers and principalities
Ogoni, we would rise!

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