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by Dumisani Slinger / 12.07.2013

Dumisani Slinger is a spoken word artist, writer and performer who hails from the dusty streets of KwaZakhele, Port Elizabeth. His love for all things poetic stemmed from his passion for hip hop. A friend introduced him to the world of poetry and he hasn’t looked back since.

His ferocious delivery and clever wordplay draw the audience in as he continuously drops hard facts on topics ranging from socio-political issues right down to the struggle to know thy self. Like many a writer, his poetry is sometimes inspired by the literature he consumes and the toil of life.

Using the power of the spoken word, the young man aims to inform, inspire and change perceptions.


Hardships cause hard dicks
To forcefully rob
Kitty shops
Hip Hop
Kept in the under fold
of society
truth music not always seen in most who claim sobriety
Silly slimy’s
Guzzling blood in dark dingy spots
Thickening the plot
Set to unfold
In front of the eyes of those who watch Behold!
Devilish manner manifested
Criminally susceptible
And thus constantly suspected, Grandchildren of the world’s civilizers truly cursed for doom
Many attempts to extinguish them
But none of them have succeeded
Now my nations politrickas adamant in their pursuit in self-rich-ening, Relinquish the peoples rights to Godly basic rights meant for all
Rebellion is now the trendy slang term that peppers the youths tongue & SOON!
Just as those who walked upon the same thorns
The current generation shall rebel & overcome
The earth’s tremor shall not seize until the weak & innocent have won back every inch of they’re 100 acres of land A bellyful of minerals
We want back the resources that provoked your lust
for greed and made u haunt us intellectually rape & forced us
to kitchen girl & garden boy your in securities
Properly mother your infants
soon to be hard faced rulers & thorough upholders of this perpetuated spiritual coma
Luciferian dogma
I hold ma
Eyes closed shut as I cannot bare to witness my Ethiopian kindred
turn into wicked spirits
Who walk not the narrow route in pursuit of food, clothes & shelter
But j-walk the wide road searching for fast food, booze & lots of cleavage
If we are indeed created in his image then I say God is dark skinned, poor & rough edged.

*For more on Dumisani Slinger and other Pan-African poets please visit Badilisha Poetry website, produced by the Africa Centre.
** Image © Luxolo Makana

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