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Unchain Our Minds

by Mak Manaka / 29.03.2013

This is a call. A wake up! a reminder! A freedom shout! How do we respond to the call to speak up for equality and liberation? How do we negotiate our own fears of silence? Courage. We find our courage one moment at a time.

Unchain Our Minds

Who stand with their backs
On these walls
Step up front and jazz
And You…
Who stand facing the exit
Step outside,
And dance to your nightmares
This moment comes once
Who love to hear words
Turning into beats
That silence the violence in our streets,
Raise your fists
And ignite those lighters
For those that fought and died
In the name of peace
Love like revolution has no age
So please plant that sensitive seed with love
From an early stage.
I lost my father to the wind
Before I could write to understand
Before I could be a man
Though my mother taught us
How to walk with the sun on our hands
And that blood is thicker than water
For us to fight with ourselves any longer.
‘Home is where the fire burns for us all’
So look at your self first
And keep the peace at home young soldier
Unchain your heart from street politics
And listen to her when she speaks
Life wasn’t meant to be easy
Even for the rich.
On a table of discipline and respect
I learned,
The price for happiness is painful
For years we hid our struggles and pains
Behind illusive smiles and angry tears of joy
And in our homes some of our parents
Passed on this struggle to some of us
Who refused to encourage it
Rather we learn from it
While respecting the opportunities it gives
Yet everyday we lose beautiful flowers from it
So You..
Who hate guns,
Where u at?
Who says no to drugs
Where u at?
Cos the good die innocent
And the young rot in jail
For hustling a cent,
Someone please fax me some sense,
Soweto is now an amusement park for tourists.
Well singing cows are good for the country
But without free education
The innocent die young
Trying to get that cheese.
My parents were not rich
And as artists,
Life was not always bliss,
Though they hustled us food
And made everything seem good.
Point is
Truth has no boundaries
And survival by any means
Is a fact that lives to haunt economists.
Today white business,
Is now on the black market
Giving birth to dealers everyday
On our televisions and billboards on the highway
Who is the target?
Too many thugs in our pockets
Ripping us off
And talking black empowerment
So you
Who stand with their backs
Against these brainwashed walls
Step up front
And lets go tag our names
On the president’s heart.
Leave signs and posters over the parliaments art
That shout, ‘Free education for all’.

*For more on Mak Manaka and other Pan-African poets please visit Badilisha Poetry X-change, produced by the Africa Centre.

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