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This Poem Is Free

by Ngoma Hill / 16.08.2013

Ngoma is a performance poet, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and paradigm shifter, residing in Harlem, New York. For over 40 years, he has used culture as a tool to raise sociopolitical and spiritual consciousness through work that encourages critical thought. How do we negotiate through systems that tie the consumption of art to the sale of art? What are the expectations of artists who need to sell our work in order to survive economically, but whose work also needs to be accessible to people who can’t pay for it? Art plays the integral role in society of reflecting its inhabitants. Does this truth necessitate it free-ness? Have a listen to Ngoma Hill and see what you gather from it?

This Poem is Free

but you may have paid to hear me read it
this poem is sovreign
it has no birth certificate
and does’nt give a damn
that it has no form
this poem wasn’t written for you
it wrote itself
this poem has no 3 minute rule
it wasn’t written for the slam
and it doesn’t give a damn about the score
this poem doesn’t care that it is political
and this is an erotic reading
this poem refuses to be porn on paper
this poem doesn’t care about your sex life
unless you’re taking it to bed
this poem has a complicated relationship with its’ 9 – 5
this poem doesn’t care about jesus
this poem wants to know
why you turned your back to your ancestors
to follow your oppressors religion
this poem doesn’t care if it pisses you off
it prides itself in controversy
this poem intends to trigger your critical thought
this poem thinks you should turn off the idiot box
and read a book
this poem doesn’t care about
kate and william, bill and hilary
michele and barack
or ben and fucking jerry
as far as that matters
this poem doesn’t care about
who you marry
once the knot is tied
it’s your damn problem
deal with it
this poem does not care that it
makes use of profanity
this poem thinks that there’s
nothing more profane than poverty
and wants to get paid
this poem is horny
and wants to get laid
this poem is for adults only
and not for your kids
this poem has arthritis
and wants to move to Cali
for medicinal weed
this poem is not the one written
by Mutabaruka
and won’t go on and on in your mind
what happens in this poem
stays in this poem
this poem is a baaaaad mutha
this poem is free

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