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The Funeral


Dada bin ubu poetry and werewolf vocals. Rumours of his death were somewhat exaggerated. His books include Drive-Thru Funeral, Tombstone Dues, Post-Mortemist Poems as well as the much funnier Ballad Of Sugar Moon And Coffin Deadly. Best known for inventing the “feelbad” movie genre with such audience pleasers as SMS Sugar Man.

The Funeral

I went to my own funeral
They were playing that celestial music
The notes rang out as time dragged down
I slowly climbed the stairs
And every one of those stairs was sound
Like an organ made of stone

Then the coffin came into view
It was shining brighter than the Sun
But not quite as bright as the Moon
And I was unafraid ‘cos I’d been here before
so many times and I knew
I’d be coming back again

Then a woman started dancing
And I felt her rhythm when it crawled up my
And became my rhythm too
We were both born in Gauteng
And the earth roared under our feet
I could see the sky through somebody’s eyes
But the eyes were not my own

Then we stretched our umbilical cords
From the Hillbrow Tower to Devil’s Peak
Where she played her silver bow
And every one of those notes rang true
And my heart stopped beating
‘Cos I didn’t give a damn
If I lived or died
All that mattered was her and her sound
As they lowered me into the ground

So say “cest la vie” to the broken-hearted
Say “bon voyage” to the newly-weds
Always say “I love you” to the one
You wake up next to
But O my sweet little darling
Don’t you ever say “forever”
Forever is a very short time

*For more on Aryan Kaganof and other Pan-African poets please visit Badilisha Poetry X-change, produced by the Africa Centre.

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