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Struggle Posters


Trevor Paul

A few weeks back we asked you to get involved and create posters for Printslam, Oppikoppi’s annual Poster Art Project. The theme was one particularly close to our liberal little hearts, the struggle to make original music in South Africa. We envisioned starving artists, busking musos, broke ass bass guitarists couch surfing from groupie digs to groupie digs… and that’s pretty much what we got. Checkit!

And the good news, in keeping with cheapskate theme, is that you can buy these limited edition prints at Oppikoppi Unknown Brother for the rock bottom bargain price of just R200 bucks each.

Reinier Rademan

Shaun Hill

Pieter Jordaan

Nic Hoekstra

Mike Scott

Konrad von Kotze

Jarryd Kin

Daniel McCauley

Brent Swart

Rachelle Marshall

Andrew Ringrose

Andre Perreira

*Oppikoppi Printslam is a rare online collaboration presented by Mahala and 10and5.

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