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Stroobz the Douche

Stroobz the Douche

by Alastair Laird / 02.08.2012

Don’t know what we’re talking about. Follow the kak…

The Nub that caused all the trouble.

Stroobz Open Letter.

*Comic © Alastair Laird.

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  1. luke says:

    holy fuck.

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  2. Jake says:

    this made my day!!!!!

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  3. waaah! says:

    For someone who was so cross, Stroobz turned paper tiger pretty quick. I’d really like to know what his real name is. Anyone know?

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  4. Troof says:

    This is so unrealistic. Everybody knows Mahala don’t have offices.

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  5. Samora says:

    cyber battle!!!!!!!!!!

    Round two….. fight!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Samora says:

    …….. and its a KO.

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  7. Bob says:


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  8. Skye says:

    CHILDISH at a whole new level.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    kyle stroebel

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  10. Anonymous says:

    That was very entertaining but you definitely have the wrong idea about the mycitybynight peeps, they are far from jocks and so chilled they would roll you up into a joint and SMOKE you!!

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  11. zaz says:

    almost ruptured my sides here boitchies!

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  12. luke says:

    those aren’t jocks. those are okes.

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  13. stroobz says:

    Okes my glutes are way bigger charna, laaaik for real boet. Lekker kif comic bru. Need a few extra roids, be silly to show off that stallion through my gym shorts!,

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  14. Sipho says:

    This is amazing.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    as if jocks had the vocab to write like stroobz…

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  16. Ry says:

    Alastair for president 2013

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  17. Anonymous says:

    None of these responses have any substance. Why waste your time pretty much reiterating what was said in this article? Hasn’t your next lecture started?

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  18. karien says:

    haha.. tho uhm what’s up with using being gay as an insult? not so kif

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  19. M= Wasteman says:

    I get why your attempting a retaliation at the dismantling of your name on the MCBN blog, i’d be upset too….. but they at least got their facts more or less straight (albeit exaggerated) when grilling you. I’m not really sure why you attacked the whole ‘jock’ angle so intently though? There are other aspects that you could have focused on which would have hit closer to home, but unfortunately you took the wrong angle portraying your coming to be of very little validity. As a writer you have further hurt your own name more than provoked, the actually decent/useful, MCBN blog writers. M=Wasteman

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  20. Dazla says:

    This is too good !

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  21. Anthony says:

    And *bam* just like that you turned into Stroobz II.

    We were kinda rooting for you guys because MCBN’s response was so juvenile and overboard, and then you go and do exactly the same thing.

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  22. luke says:


    everyone’s heads.

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  23. Humble says:

    Well fucking done brother. Putting together words like meth addict crack baby overbite dick fagget, is clearly an idiot with a vocab like malema’s sperm count, such like “STROOBZ”. Any uneducated dickbag can do that. But this! This is pure genius creativity. You def owned at this pissing competition. He cannot respond to this because he has already used all his insanely vulgar crappy vocab on “Letter to Avastar” and “I’m a fucking douche bag look at me put an X through the word Mahala”.

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  24. Steve says:

    Riods are kif! Go Stroob

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  25. Anonymous says:

    you guys have no idea, do a little research and you will find the Mycitybynight crew are well educated chilled guys. They are way more likely to be found puffing a spliff on signal hill, than in a gym. Where does the steroids and the rage come from, just because you received some banter back from your poorly illustrated cartoons, seems like you guys are the ones who cant intellectually step up to the plate, but iam sure your mothers told you drawing pictures is a good way to express your inner feelings

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  26. Anonymous says:

    Awesome response! Well deserved

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  27. Ex Mahala Fan says:

    Alistar, you okes had such a good chance to come out on tops here. Unfortunatly missed the boat so badly. Steroids? Boytjies? then ending off that they are gay? eish. you guys started this shit? i dont understand why you are taking their response so badly? were you not expecting a response?

    The only person who actually looks realistic in your comics is Rodger Young!

    unfortunatly as a media buyer i have just taken you off our roster. Poor form, i was on your side untill you showed your true colours. LAME (i actually do hope one of you guys do end up getting a bit of a klap it will take away this “im untouchable online” attitude)

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  28. Anonymous says:

    to enter into a pissing contest you would need a cock and judging from the mahala response and comments posted by there followers all i see is pussies

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  29. Mark says:

    @ Ex Mahala fan: You dont have to be a genius to see theyre not taking it badly but rather taking the piss.

    Also who cares if MCBN are a bunch of stoners and not jocks, the fact is that stroobz BEHAVED like a steroid pumping aggressive boytch with his ridiculous response.

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  30. Smithers says:

    It’s Kyle’s birthday today so stop harshing on his mellow; guy just wants to go smoke some bunge on signal hill and pump LMFAO until the sun sets. Why does he need to deal with this. Grow up, man.

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  31. Maxi Me says:

    ex mahala fan just left with his billions. like a guy who says I’m never buying petrol at this garage again. apologise quick mahala!

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  32. pedro de pacas says:

    Page one is pure gold.

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  33. You Suck says:

    I personally feel that other than your cartoons not representing these guys very well you are a sad, comic drawer who has no life!! If you want to start shit, you are going to get it back. This come back was so lame and so far from the thruth as these guys arent like that at all.. SHAME! Go home to your parents k!

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  34. Swimfan says:

    What the fuck is wrong with MCBN support? Start shit? For fuck sakes it was a gentle jab in an otherwise funny fucking cartoon. MCBN then got serious with their “open letter” Max du Preez styles… and Mahala did what any other self-respecting blog would do… retorted with another funny fucking cartoon. Is it really that bad to have a laugh at yourself now and then? Or did mommy only ever tell you that the sun & moon shines our of YOUR arse and your alone?

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  35. Kyle says:

    Ive been doing this for a long time and i have written politically motivated, socially inspired pieces that never got read by more than 50 people. My letter to Mahala is a perfect example as to why i write like I do now. 10 000 different people have read a piece that took me 20 mins to script as opposed to long endearing pieces that required weeks of research. Do i whore myself for hits? Yes and no. It does now help the direction in which i lean towards, and at the same time most of my pieces are based on current events. This has become my style which i have carved and whittled over the years. Im unapologetic about it and my readers know this. If you dont like my technique or approach you are not compelled to read, but it is my niche.

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  36. Anonymous says:

    Your niche which has now been removed from MCBN? I don’t see the “Stroobz” link in the top navigation anymore.
    What’s up with that?

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  37. Gugs says:

    white people gangsta beef. how suburban

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  38. Gigantic Faggot says:

    “This has become my style which i have carved and whittled over the years.”

    Such vivid imagery, you really paint with your words.


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  39. Swimfan says:

    Kyle – like your copy pasted comment above from your response to Avastar, your “technique and approach” is stale. While you might get cheap thrills from hits, it seems many others are tired of your unapologetic writing style.

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  40. Swimfan says:

    If the only thing you can do is lashout and be a bastard every time you feel like some “hits” from the literary bong then perhaps you should spend more time carving and whittling your writing style on your politically motivated, socially inspired pieces which must be up to shit if you only ever get less than 50 readers.

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  41. Anonymous says:

    Why do both sides resort to such lowest-common-denominator, homo-erotic insults? Can’t you have an argument with all this faggot-bashing shit? This whole thing is a poor reflection on both your websites

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  42. Samora says:

    “Carving and whittling my style… this is MY niche.”


    Did I miss something or is this cat like the Paulo Coelho of Cape Town? Durban must be further away from the mother city than I thought. Your diva reputation hasnt made it this far yet. Im bracing myself for greatness.

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  43. The Boob says:

    Way to expose your methods Kylie.

    Fuckin asshole.

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  44. Mr C says:

    Fighting on the internet is like running in the special Olympics… even if you win – you’re still fucking retarded….

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  45. Gigantic Faggot says:


    Nah, he’s more like the PAUL WARD of writing.

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  46. Andy says:

    People take this shit way too seriously

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  47. Anonymous says:

    i dont seem to find any of your cartoons to be that funny, or am i just completely missing something, go buy a zapiro book, now thats funny illustrating.

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  48. Morgenstern says:

    Why so Serious…

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  49. Anonymous says:

    jesus you fucking idiots, its not fucking literal

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  50. Anonymous says:

    you guys just made stoobz the douche famous – he doesn’t deserve it.

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  51. :-) says:

    Hahahha people have a choice to not look at this but still they cant help themselves and then bitch about why they don’t want to look at it

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  52. Mike says:

    I have no idea what this is in response to but it didn’t stop me from enjoying it thoroughly.

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  53. T says:

    Just for interests sake… Who would you guys bring down to SA if you had the choice?

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  54. Anonymous says:

    massive attack. there, one simple answer.

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  55. erm says:

    But Stroobz is a bit chubby.

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  56. erm says:

    in real life I mean.

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  57. Anonymous says:

    i get a chubby from reading his writing – in a sick way i mean.

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  58. Roger says:

    “white people gangsta beef. how suburban”
    Haha, its what Greenside street fights are made of.
    Go share music kids

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  59. Andy says:

    I’m so bummed MCBN got Gareth Cliff to comment on their open letter…

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  60. Triangle Illuminatus says:

    I saw the My City By Night guys and the Mahala dudes having lunch at El Burro two weeks ago . All of this was planned in a big let’s get hits in Internet beef saga discussion .

    Good job .

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  61. Dazla says:

    @Kyle Stroobz: Your whittled style bores me. You should maybe find another career.

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  62. brandon edmonds says:

    Now would be the time to demand more MONEY babygenius…

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  63. Dawg says:

    And then all the lousy little poets gathered round. Like a pack of beta dogs gathering behind their masters, desperate to be in parallel.

    This is a big public “cool or uncool” wank where tribal dorks like to label each other and slap a rock band sticker on it. I bet you Linkin Park would think that both sides of this debate are total douche bags. I know I do. Bunch of whimpering insecure children that need a following to agree that a band is cool or uncool. Fucking grow up all of you and go see the band or stay at home but do either because you like the music or you don’t like the music, or because you dig crowds or you don’t, not because you think they are cool or uncool or are represented by some faction of human beings to which you are stylistically opposed. Cunts. Fucking low pressure vessels for high pressure marketing garbage, all of you.

    Life is bigger than the playground you elitist-hipster-wankers busy dissing the unimaginative-body conscious-verbally retarded-so-I-resort-more-easily-to-violence wankers.

    Jeeesuss! Fuck you all.

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  64. Sarah Claire says:

    I’d bring Digable Planets, if it was 1994

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  65. Anona...Dazla says:

    @ Dawg: Cunt
    @ Stroobz: Cunt

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  66. humbug says:

    Yeah ne, linkin park @T…. really? and 5gum and converse manage to bring good underground bands that havn’t sold out yet, as of 3 albums ago? come come, they could’ve done wayyyy better… like paramore / red hot chili peppers / MGMT / F.U.N even if we’re gonna go commercial vibes
    or santogold, M83, M.I.A if we were gonna go alt vibes…
    linkin park? really….
    sigh and it still sold out

    mahala made a joke
    MCBN got SUPER sensitive

    people don’t react unless they’re insecure about themselves

    remember that kids

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  67. witblitz says:


    Kyle Stroebel = wasteman

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  68. […] Check out the rest on Mahala! Be Sociable, Share! […]

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  69. More KFC for the seagulls says:

    @anonymous Stroebel is highly educated? Are you sure? Last I checked he went to AFDA. Oh and aunty Pam (Golding) paid. Enjoy!

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  70. Bannana Booben says:

    just like the ANC, the jocks are only feeding the cartooning machine, making it larger and larger. Carry more on!

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  71. […] and Mahala*, which indeed was amusing to say the least. Then I utilised my anxiety and rage to make another comic in response. All this was quite a memorable moment for […]

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  72. Kahuna says:

    What utter bullshit! Both parties come across as candidates for the Jerry Springer show. Trailer park trash.

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