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Sick City

Sick City

by Sean O'Toole / 05.02.2010

Infecting the City is the rather charmless name for a public arts festival held in Cape Town each year. Last year’s event caused a bit of stir when the logo for the programme was unveiled – it featured an icon of Ernesto Alfabeto Nhamuave, the “burning man” from the 2008 xenophobic attacks. The shaming incident was also replayed in some of the street theatre that took place, as is evident from these publicity shots here.

Infecting the City

“We live in a beautiful city with rich cultural diversity,” says the festival’s director, Brett Bailey. “But also a city defined by over three centuries of oppression, the marginalisation of many people, and the suppression of their stories and their memories.” This cultural event aims to refigure the public spaces of the inner city as “arenas in which we confront our demons and attempt to put them to rest”.

For a full programme of events, click here.

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