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Shine On

by Bongani Kona / Images by Francois W. Nel / 13.09.2013

In her astonishingly brilliant keynote address at the Goethe-Institut’s Über(W)unden Art in Troubled Times conference in 2011, ‘On the Pain of Death’, writer and poet Antjie Krog said that perhaps the only thing that art can do is “to try to transform pain into a kind of beauty so that one, at times, can live with loss”. It’s a theme which threads through The Shining Girls Charity Art Show for Rape Crisis which ran this week at the Cape Town School of Photography on Roeland Street.

The brainchild of novelist Lauren Beukes (see the Mahala interview) and design curator Jacki Lang, the exhibition – which over the weekend raised one hundred large for the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust, a much needed financial injection for an organisation which has been plagued with poor funding – brings together a cornucopia of artists, designers, illustrators and photographers hand-picked by the duo. The artists, fifty in total and counting among their number names like Zapiro, Roger Ballen and Faith47, were each sent pages torn from Beukes’ most recent novel, The Shining Girls, which they had to transform into art. The results are startlingly beautiful pieces which, as Antjie Krog says, “transform pain into a kind of beauty.”

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*All images © Francois W. Nel / Orms Pro Photo Warehouse.

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