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Rape Tape - 7 Months Later

Rape Tape – 7 Months Later

by Izikhokho / 18.04.2012

On a day when South Africa was shocked by the story of a group of 7 school boys who allegedly gang raped a 17 year old girl and filmed it on a cellphone, The Izikhokho Show reached into the future and drew this pic.

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  1. Cocoman says:


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  2. cnut says:

    Only in South Africa would one poke satire/fun (choose adjective) over a minor being gang-raped… or any women for that matter!

    Do you have young daughters, mothers or grandmothers it’s an every day fucking reality dimwits!

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  3. Andy says:

    I don’t think this poking fun/satire… I think it’s an act of artistic revenge.

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  4. cnut says:

    And you have a young daughter living in the rape country of the world… says it all really DD.

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  5. spoken tunarist says:

    No act of rape is funny. Ever. This is vile.

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  6. What! What! says:

    The Pollsmoor Prison Diaries :O

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  7. ERRR says:

    Vapid as fuck. Try again.

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  8. Jason says:

    Typo. Jesus.

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  9. Dave says:

    This is empty of any wit, heart or substance. Take it down already.

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  10. Huh? says:

    I guess freedom of speech means freedom to be kak. Pity its not freedom to receive a fat klap upside the head.

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  11. Cocoman says:

    This in no way mocks or degrades women or rape victims,it merely shows the irony in how rapists end up in prison with 12 inches of Pollsmoor’s finest shoved up their chutney chutes. Lighten up you fucktards.

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  12. spoken tunarist says:

    Cocoman, are you a complete retard? So ALL men who get raped in prison were rapists themselves? And that was CLEARLY illustrated in this sorry excuse for a cartoon? If you think this is so funny and lighthearted, why not offer up your own anatomy for someone else’s sadistic indulgence? Tell us where, tell us when – go on…

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  13. Cocoman says:

    @spoken tunarist-laugh and the whole world laughs with you,you ignorant nutjob!

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  14. spoken tunarist says:

    Let’s unpack that last nugget of wisdom from Cocomoron, shall we.

    So if I laugh at this here cartoon the whole world will join in on the mirth? Every rape survivor, their family and their friends who saw them through their ordeal will immediately forget what they have been through and sacrifice this memory to the great god of comedy? Of this you are sure?

    See, the issue here is that comedy can be a positive force, but only when it promotes understanding and healing. Sometimes perverse viewpoints can promote nervous laughter or give controversial ideas an extra glimpse that they deserve, but there is nothing in this here attempt at a cartoon that falls vaguely within that category. Only the terminally insensitive or the moronically cruel of mind and heart could revel in the message within this offering.

    Oh, and Cocothug, just to back up your “whole world” theory – check out the kif vs kak votes on this post to recalibrate your thinking.

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  15. Karma says:

    Those seven boys deserve to get what is being depicted in this cartoon. Full fucking stop. If you don’t think so, you’re an insensitive idiot and can go get fucked too.

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