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Print Slammed


In a rare example of blogging bonhomie Mahala and 10and5 are collaborating to bring Printslam to Oppikoppi this year and we’re calling for contributions. Prinstlam is Oppikoppi’s annual Poster Art Project and this year we’re looking for your original artworks inspired by the concept of Aluta Continua… yes we want you to make visual art that captures the struggle of original South African Music! Think starving artists, busking musos, broke ass bass guitarists couch surfing from groupie digs to groupie digs. We all know making original South African music is often a thankless task and we want to celebrate all the freaks, prodigies and unsung geniuses who put their livelihoods on hold to bring you the music and keep the dream alive.


Or you could go with Plan B and produce some art inspired by this year’s theme of the Unknown Brother. Either way…

If your contribution is accepted we can’t promise you much more than a classy A1 print of your work, love, fame and a free ticket to this year’s Oppikoppi. Days are short, time is fleeting and the deadline for involvement is the 28th of July 2011. Get involved!

You can upload your artwork here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    For a design based project, you could have got some decent design on the poster.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Also, when are you having a comp when musicians come sing free music to help support struggling artists and designers?

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  3. Montle says:

    Let’s celebrate the struggle bitch!

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  4. Jason says:

    @ Anonymous

    I like the event poster. I think it leaves the brief open for exploration by the artists. Why dont you come out from your anonymous mask and show us work that you have done. Troll dick.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Haha! Nice one, old man! Got me GOOD!

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  6. Andy says:

    Hey Anonymous

    Not only are you a pussy, you are a poor financially struggling pussy. Shame.

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  7. Anonymous says:



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  8. Roger Young says:

    Rule #14

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  9. Hitler says:

    Wassup guys?? I like the design too!

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  10. Hitler says:

    There, you finally got it out of me.
    My true identity.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Roger, you’re one of the writers I enjoy on Mahala. At first I was like ‘Meh’ but then I was like ‘Hmmm’ and now I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s Roger? Lets see what he has to say!’

    Also, it’s not trolling if I honestly believe it’s a shit design, regardless of what Old Man Heat Mr Bronkhurst has to say about it. A typed up sheet of white paper with Times New Roman font can also leave a brief ‘open to exploration’. It doesn’t make it good. In fact, the writeup itself explained the brief, the poster says NOTHING about it. So yeah, when accompanied by a few paragraphs of text, it certainly does leave the brief open for exploration. But good design is not always reflected by ambiguity and shades of grey. ALAS!

    I just feel, if you’re going to mine people for their (free) talents and art, at least set the precedent, and put in the kind of effort you want out ! Especially since none of the artists would get paid, for making your little project successful.

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  12. Andy says:

    Sorry that Andy is not this Andy… just saying

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  13. Andy says:

    Also just to set the record straight. We don’t have a sponsor and we don’t have any budget for this. We’re discussing ways to remunerate the artists – by selling their work at the Koppi. None of us, Mahala, 10and5 or Oppikoppi expect to make any money out of this venture… and whatever we do make will go to cover print costs and whatever’s left will go to the respective artists…

    Plus Oppikoppi are hooking them up with free tickets. So it’s not like we’re rhyming and stealing here.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m just fucking with you guys to fuck with you.
    I’m all for artists getting out there. I’ve done shit for a lot less than an oppi ticket, so hey.

    I only picked on you cause with an event about art, the flyer advertising it has no legitimate design value itself. Dont fret, there’s worse out there.

    However, my comment earlier about musicians working for the artists now and then could be something worth considering, since all bands, from big to small, have no qualms in getting designers to market their bands for them, for free, with their talents. Art is art, music art might be more ‘high profile’ but the other people out there making it happen deserve a little kick back now and then too. I mean, if musicians are struggling, then the guys doing them ‘favours’ and for free constantly, from photographers, to designers, through to video based work and others, also deserve a hat tip now and then, and maybe a facebook shout out the first time you post your video just doesn’t always cut it.

    Especially since no one has any issue denying the role of the poor struggling sa musician. the poor struggling SA artists, in an over diluted design scene like cape town, struggle too. It just seems to not have any of that romance of ‘a band’ attached to it.

    A band could generate some decent cash from ONE gig, for an artist doing their album cover, for example. The difference is, the gig takes about 45 minutes of the bands talent, and their album design could take weeks.
    So bands: think about it…
    Get your designers involved. Throw a gig where you know you’ll make nothing. Your designer is putting in a lot more time and often for less then every the petty kick backs your band gets. Leave the marketing up to the designer, get them to exhibit some of their work at the event even. Symbiosis = <3.

    Mahala., maybe arrange to have your oppi exhibition down here somewhere too afterwards.

    Cape Town probably has a collection of some of the strongest designers in the WORLD. Very very very few of them get paid anything they deserve. That 'Social Contract' website lists more talent from this city then you'll see almost anywhere else, and of such a highly consistent level too.

    Almost every design on that page is done for free, to support music. Music, support some art!

    It's not like an artist can book an exhibition as easily as a band can book a gig.
    Engineers get paid, managers get (kinda) paid, venues make cash, bands see a little now and then too (or at least, are able to budget for physical album releases, and Tshirt pressings etc) and music video directors (sometimes) get paid out of the budgets the bands are generating for these things. But when it comes to design: everyone knows someone who'll do something for free.
    The worst is when a designer gives you a free design, which you turn into direct sales through, for example, getting hundreds of shirts printed with the aesthetic creation of another person, and then, as a form of payment, give the fella a tshirt for his troubles. Thanks bros!

    But yeah: That was long winded considering it started as a cheeky little go at mahala.

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  15. Rouleaux says:

    Hey Mr. Anonymous

    I designed the advertisement for this project sponsored by Mahala and 10and5. It’s OK that you don’t like the design. I never thought EVERYBODY would.

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it was a rush job or something, share some of your other work…
    I mean, I could critique it, but thats going too far, isn’t it?

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  17. Julia says:


    It is trolling if you stay anonymous. Haha

    Hope you’ll be submitting a poster. With all your ranting it sure seems like you are one of Cape Town’s finest designers.

    Now all we need to know is who you really are. POES!

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  18. Rouleaux says:

    I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

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  19. Julia says:


    Sounds like a challenge…

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  20. Trolldad says:

    POW! Anon just got owned! As a fellow troll, I can tell you that you lost this one…

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  21. Anonymous says:

    Based on? You cant just decide shit like that you idiot!

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  22. Anonymous says:

    They failed at an attempt to 1up me. As a ‘fellow troll’ you should know that a failed attempt to 1up someone, is indeed a failiure.

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  23. Trolldad says:

    Haha, who are they? and how did they fail? By the looks of it you couldn’t produce clever words to make you not look like an idiot. As I said, POW!

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  24. Anonymous says:

    You bright shining light – you’re an example of how to ‘produce clever words’ that ‘make you not look like an idiot’.
    You dont even know what 1up is. You’re no fellow troll, leave here at once!

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  25. Mike Scott says:

    Radical. I can dust off this design I made a while ago and never used:


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  26. TrollMOM says:

    Oh shit, as a fellow troll I can tell you guys that TROLLDAD JUST GOT OWNED!

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  27. wow says:

    you two are lame..

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  28. Trevor says:

    Anonymous, you’ll be more at home commenting on youtube videos. Nice design guys. Love the furry type.

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