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The Last Nub | Persian Sex Slaves and Hot Yoga

Persian Sex Slaves and Hot Yoga

by Alastair Laird / 10.12.2011

The Last Nub

The Last Nub

*Illustration © Alastair Laird.

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  1. Poes says:

    So tired of these fuckin shitty Simpson rip off cartoons.
    Can’t you bust your own style? I’m sure everyone who sees your work, notices the similarity straight away. kunt

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  2. Matt Groening says:


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  3. John Mongrel says:

    Gay persian sex slave with a bear stuck up his ass.

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  4. feed the trolls says:

    the simpsons?
    you must be a blind poes

    … as well as a stupid doos

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  5. Meh says:

    Simpsons? Maybe a bit… but it reads more like a perverted take on that early Steamboat Willie micky mouse stuff.

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  6. Meh says:

    Also, poes, where can we see your shit?

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  7. Defending the poes says:

    @ Meh
    so ou’s cant comment unless they are an illustrator?
    with that logic, i assume you’ve never uttered an insult to the likes of the bieber, britney etc.

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  8. Andy says:

    It’s hardly a comment…

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  9. half Defending the poes says:

    fair enough

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  10. Alicia says:

    Ones style is a combination of the things that they’ve been influenced by. The similarity between Groening’s work and Laird’s maybe shouldn’t be so much as perceived as plagiarised, rather a homage to the art he most enjoys. There are many other cartoons that could be considered rip-offs of Simpsons- namely Family Guy. This guys stuff is exciting, new and South African, before you go ruining dreams contribute a little more positively to things rather than taking away from them.

    Your criticism has little backing it Poes, and your ‘name’ speaks volumes.

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  11. cnut says:

    Mahala-high-5-brigade wank-fest…

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  12. Anoras says:

    Hi 5 for Alicia….yeah, art is about using what’s out there and making it better…if you want to make an Apple pie from scratch you must re-create the universe…but artists are inspired and influenced by the people and life around them…maybe it’s just Roger who’s a grown up Bart Simpson….anyway guys its all fun, keep a life jacket if you’re gona jump into the emotinal deep end…a’ight.

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  13. Markus says:

    Funny random shit !! Its the world we live in. doesn’t look anything like the Simpsons so fuck Poes for saying that! Who says ‘bust your own style’ anyway?

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  14. Caroline says:

    Alastair, as beautifully-rendered as this portrait of the Mahala office may be, perhaps the passive-aggressive references to recent events are a tad puerile? Maybe focus a little more on developing the pathos of the Persian sex slave, and leave the intelligent dialogue to the grown-ups.

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  15. Alastair says:

    I’d love to see your comics Carol (allow me to get familiar), everyone’s a critic, pity you’re not very good at it. Thank you for your initial kind words, though it is rather difficult to appreciate them without the scathing aftertaste of futility. Suppose I left the intelligible dialogue to a stiff upper lip such as yours… monologue would probably more suit what you’re trying to do here. Next time we all wanna have a little fun or laugh at something childish I’ll stop everyone in mid-action and get them to check if it’s OK with you first.

    And no, I quite frankly couldn’t give a squirt of piss how dimly you perceive my reference to recent events, I’m a cartoonist, that’s what I’m here to do: stir the shit.

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  16. Jeff Goldblum says:

    Do the lesbians have their own POIB now?

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  17. Carol (apparently) says:

    Well said, Ally dear.

    As for ‘the lesbians’, Jeff, you make them sound like a super-sinister governmental agency with links to the mafia. Unfortunately, as a heterosexual suburban housewife, I don’t think I’d be allowed to join their rather exclusive gang, but maybe I’ll get an invitation to their Christmas party as I make such a mean egg nog.

    Freedom of speech protects the flow of information between citizens, not just the right to post stuff online secure in the knowledge that no-one else is allowed to comment.

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  18. Poes says:

    Still reeks of The Simpsons.

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