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A Thousand Doodles

Night of a Thousand Doodles

by Jason Bronkhorst / 04.11.2009

The night of a 1000 drawings is a good idea. it’s a jol where you get to chuck back a few cold lagers, slither between some hot ‘n sweaty young things and listen to live jazz, all while looking at 1000 pieces of freshly squeezed local art.

The best part is that each and every one was donated to this event by artists and photographers, pro and amateur, seasoned coke fiends and Triple A’s latest, all in support of 4 charities: Paballo Ya Batho, Princess Alice Adoption Home, Write on Africa and Lucca Leadership. The idea is that before you go chugging the boerie rolls on the roof, you drop a C note on an original, sincere and mostly decent artwork – frame included. All proceeds to those who need it more than your barman.

Cape Town

So, it’s an art show, but instead of the vapid upchuck found in most galleries these days, it’s about something bigger than hobo hair and tight pants. The works range from pen and ink squiggles to some feverish 0.01 fineliner cross-hatching. Ink, paint, blood, pencil, snot, tippex, coffee, tears. There are some fokkof bargains to be had (I bought a Nicolene Louw drawing a year or two ago) and a few bottom-of-the-barrel growlers, but all are worth a look. You do want to get there early if you’re after some of the good stuff – I’ve seen two zaftig meisies in stripey ‘hose wrestle over a page of rumpled Moleskine, two hrs into the event.


So if the boerie rolls don’t fill you with the warm and the fuzz, reflecting on how you’ve gone done a good deed and skorro’d a future Billy Kentridge, all in one night, sure will.

There are events in both Cape Town and Joburg this November. Sien jou daar.

* Cape Town, 5 November, Word of Art, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock.
* Jozi, 26 November, The Concourse, Park Station.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Yay! 😀
    except the date for the Jozi exhibition is wrong… 🙂

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  2. Andy says:

    whoops! we fixed the date now

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