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New Hollywood Villains

New Hollywood Villains

by Jonathan Beggs, image by Renier Zandberg / 15.04.2010

Ever noticed how mainstream American films always cast the villains and freaks as non-Americans? They’re usually Nazi Germans, demented Brits, dirty Mexicans, Eastern Bloc thugs or Oriental torturers. And now there may just be a new contender for the role of freakish foreign villain: he goes by the name of Afrikaner.

But these are not the Afrikaners that we have come to know as those friendly Ooms and Tannies who like embroidery, God and koeksusters. Instead, they’re a twisted tribe, as seen in the work of photographer Roger Ballen and interweb artists, Die Antwoord.

The two black and white images below – one from Ballen, and one from Die Antwoord – bear a striking resemblance. They’re both nightmare images that come from the dark white heart of Africa.

Roger Ballen, Roar, 2002.

Roger Ballen, an acclaimed American who has lived in Joburg since the 1970’s, has been a documenter of dorp life for 30 years. But he’s no Obie Oberholzer. Instead of Oberholzer’s affectionate portrayal of colourful Karoo characters, Ballen’s work is a bleak black and white documentary of weird “Platteland” freaks. Over the years, these portraits have become increasingly more fictional and fantastic. For his last book, Outland, he moved from documenter to artist, creating sinister settings for his found “objects”, and setting things up to make their portraits even more grotesque.

You’ll see the same kind of disturbing imagery in Die Antwoord’s “Enter the Ninja” music video. Ballen surrounds his portraits with naive Basquiat-style wall scrawlings. Die Antwoord also use naive graphics, but, somewhat appropriately for their B-Boy act, they plunder the back catalogue of Basquiat’s Graffiti Art contemporary, Keith Haring.
Both Ballen and Die Antwoord have enjoyed international attention, because (aside from their obvious quality) they play into a global idea about the Afrikaners: that they are spiritually bankrupt, disturbingly “backward” and evil.

Niel Bekker, Die Antwoord, 2009.

This kind of stereotyping is perfect for Hollywood, who are always looking for foreigners to play The Baddie. You know the drill: The Brits are brainy. The French are romantic. The Italians are passionate. And as for the Afrikaners? Well, they’re the A-List twisted, evil muthafuckas!

I’m beginning to think our local actors are in for a shot at some seriously nasty screen roles. The Afrikaner’s calling card is strong. They’ve had some exposure with The Mummy’s Arnold Vosloo – and Argen Rudd, the evil National Party boer in Lethal Weapon 2 who introduced America to the K-Word. District 9’s Wikus van der Merwe introduced the world to words like “fokken” and “bliksem”. But Wikus was too much of a comedy character (an amiably neurotic buffoon) to be a true villain or freak. For proper freaks, you need to go to the Zef side – a side of life that is getting some significant airplay.

Just to put it into perspective: The biggest youtube video of all time (a home video called “Charlie Bit My Finger”) clocks in at about 175 million hits. Susan Boyle gets 90 million. Die Antwoord’s 3 million doesn’t sound that big by comparison – but when you consider that they’ve achieved more views than new videos from Vampire Weekend or, say, Pop Idols’ Adam Lambert, you have to understand that the Ninja has definitely made an entrance.

Their success, like Roger Ballen’s, has been buoyed by the fact that they present a stereotype that overseas fans will buy.

I mean, even Fred Durst thinks Die Antwoord are way cool! Instead of the usual bunch of “hardcore” guys who populate the MTV charts – guys from Milwaukee with guyliner and satanic undertones – this is the real deal. They’re genuine freaks!! There’s Full Body Tattoos! Darkness! Delinquency! Deformity! Fishbowl Haircuts! Bad Teeth! Rats! Obviously Fred Durst hasn’t yet worked out that they’re an act.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I like Die Antwoord – and I’m not one to diss a good circus act, or even, a Victorian Freak Show. I like the Bearded Lady and the Man With Four Tits as much as the next guy. And in the current music climate, where showbiz, concept and image are even more important than the music, well done to Die Antwoord for thinking it up Straight Outta Kloof Street, cooking it up a bit on the Cape Flats….and most importantly, for pulling it off so well.

And anyway, should we really care that our biggest white ambassadors (outside Charlize and, um, Ernie) are exploiting a negative stereotype? Probably not. After all, they’re gonna help put us on (and by us I mean us twisted whites) on the map. And there’s one thing worse than being talked about, right?

Roger Ballen, Scavenging, 2005.

So – I’m looking forward to Avatar 2, when slavery on Pandora is run by a group of sadistic Afrikaner outlaws who embark on a legendary Great War with the noble Na’vi – in resplendent 4D. And maybe the lead bad guy will say the word “Vokkit” just as he’s about to die, spawning a global catchphrase. Hey, maybe it’ll even boost tourism….who knows?

And I look forward to a time when Will Smith triumphs over an evil Afrikaans recce freak who’s on a mission to assassinate Obama in an Academy Award Nominated Drama. And I crave the day when zombie movies feature feral Afrikaners wobbling out of graves with combs in their socks. Finally, we have currency and a voice! Sure, it’s a potentially damaging fabrication – but I’m not a Human Rights Lawyer. I’m in advertising. So – to all the aspiring actors out there: It’s time to un-comb your hair, skew your teeth, grab a banjo and get ready to welcome the casting agents….

Opening image mashed from the original: Roger Ballen, Driesie and Casey, twins, Western Transvaal (1993)

Roger Ballen’s images can be seen, and purchased at the Rooke Gallery.

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  1. snapper says:

    the banjo is so last millenium.
    methinks a squeezebox

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  2. artofkawaii says:

    The angst “oppressed black” in me wants to scream “NOW YOU KNOW HOW WE FEEL… black people are the targets of a heavilly slanted hollywood gaze. Black women never play complex characters that grapple with everyday idiosynchrasies and fall in love and get the guy at the end. we are always portrayed in simplistic ways…fat black angry, asexual woman who most of the time is facilitating her white mistress or best friend as she lives out a complex narrative.” etc etc etcI could rant forever about black representation even in SA But the more logical me acknowledges this and it makes me sad. The logical me remembers that in redressing injustices we are not looking for balance but an end to oppressive ways altogether. And looking at it with those eyes, this Ballen guy sounds like a dirty infiltrator and cultural appropriator of the worst kind and I dont like him. My Afrikaner people, I wish you well in the struggle to keep your culture alive. The less I let my anger dictate my opinions, the more I see that we have been fighting for the same thing all this time… just the methods were wrong and borne out of frustration with dominion….which caused some to be blind to the idea that we all want the same thing and we all have a right to manifest ourselves. There is so much more we can do if we pull together.

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  3. Theresa says:

    I guess you don’t remember Dark Angel, the tv series. There were several episodes features “The South Africans” as bad guys 🙂

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  4. Anonymous says:

    n Mak hond buit die seerste

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  5. Niel Bekker says:

    Proud to say I took the third picture.

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  6. Gavin Rooke says:

    Check out Roger Ballen’s photograph of Die Antwoord taken in December 2008. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Johannesburg-South-Africa/Rooke-Gallery/38082237112?ref=ts

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  7. David Goldblatt says:

    So original.

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  8. Andy says:

    Seriously Niel…. didn’t know that. I’ll get a caption up immediately. That’s some kif Ballen-esque camera skill you got

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  9. Niel Bekker says:

    Thanks, we borrowed quite heavily from his vibe for that shot.

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  10. Saliman die wit towenaar says:

    Better to be feared than loved

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  11. cheeky says:

    is the top picture of rudolf straeuli’s split personality…?

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  12. nic paton says:

    Brilliant wordsmithery Jonathan.

    My favourite notion is “And I crave the day when zombie movies feature feral Afrikaners wobbling out of graves with combs in their socks.” [insert homer simpson yelp here]

    Mine’s not as funny but I try: http://soundandsilence.wordpress.com/2010/03/27/is-ek-beter-as-jack-parow-of-die-antwoord-n-soutie-praat/

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  13. Andy says:

    no it’s actually Rudolf Straueli

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  14. Sara says:

    Now that’s what I call fucking fantastic journalism

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  15. artofkawaii says:

    This Roger Ballen cat is a bloody agent… frikkin infiltrator.

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  16. El Rebel says:

    Awesome article!
    …there’s no publicity like bad publicity!

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  17. Lizzy says:

    FanTASTIC!!! Irrelevant of what our beloved country’s political system shouts to the outside world about SA, there is ‘art’ created to portay even worse sides of what this stinkhole is about. Twisted art is one thing, but this…..this is plain bullshit. I can’t belive a country with nearly no foot to stand on will take the bad publicity marketing manuevre, much like Fox does, to get noticed. Smart move, sunspots, Die Antwoord is heel duidelik die ware Antwoord op wat suid afrika is. I pray this saga will crash and burn soon. Not to wish anyone anything bad, but keep your worst traits to yourself. To the Jack Parow-NP Projek-Antwoord generation, I feel sorry for you!

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  18. snoozefest says:

    boooooooooooring. so cultures fetishise the exotic? no, really?! what profound sociological insight!!! japanese kids like british punk. white american kids like black ghetoo rap. vampire weekend like kwassa kwassa. korean men like elvis. delta blues is big in beijing. etc etc etc. “we are curious about stuff what are different to us” is hardly the most original insight ever. sheesh.

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  19. alexd says:

    fantastic piece, jonathan. and speaking of loonytunes afrikaners in hollywood, have you seen the hilarious youtube clip of wikus trying to get charlize to co-present the samas? freakin’ hilarious and riffing on this same ‘deliverance’ ‘self conscious b-grade white tribe of africa’ vibe.

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  20. Anonymous says:

    As a white South African you should count yourself lucky to be represented by ‘freaks’ like Die Antwoord who showcase South African artistic talent and creativity of the highest level. After such a recent history of involvement in some of the worst human rights violations imaginable (directly or indirectly) think again when people like Die Antwoord make it possible for the international community to see Afrikaaners as something ‘cool’ and not purely associated with a disgusting past. You also seem to have missed that Afrikaans is a language and the culture that Die Antwoord portray has perhaps been more influenced by another Afrikaans speaking South African population and not that of simply Afrikaans speaking lower class whites. I think you need to wake up and smell the poes my bra to get your opinion a little bit more fre$$.

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  21. alexis says:

    there’s nothing outre about poverty pornography. smacks of neo-liberal bullshit….bet it sells pretty well too.

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  22. mia says:

    just to make sure you did your research properly…..
    You do know that Ballen actually made Die Antwoord’s video?

    So ‘the same kind of disturbing imagery’ in Die Antwoord’s video….uhm…. is actually Ballen’s work!

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  23. Anonymous says:

    this is very depressing… these people have no idea what they are talking about. I am a proud, white afrikaner, a boeremeisie. I’ll pray for your blindness.

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