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Max and Montle Upset God

Max and Montle Upset God

by Alastair Laird / 20.07.2013




*Comic © Alastair Laird.

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  1. Lisa says:

    To tell the truth, I’m a little disappointed that this is the first response Mahala chose to publish about the story. Although I get the point that Alastair was trying to make (I.e. get the boys to actually walk in women’s shoes), I’m not sure the point is being made succinctly, or that it sufficiently deals with the outrage in any real way – not even with proper humor. It seems like a bit of a typical ‘boy’ response. (Also, the outraged angry media chick? Really?).
    C’mon guys, I expect a better handling of the matter from Mahala & from Alastair. You’re capable of more depth than this.

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  2. And also ... says:

    Will they still be writing for Mahala? And either way, could you tell us why?

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  3. Billy says:

    And also…. Man you are so working for the media and trying to get info.

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  4. Beeber says:

    wondered when this would hit mahala

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Thats a dope cartoon strip,maybe the creaters are on dope

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  6. And also ... says:

    Billy … actually I’m not (I’m sure ‘the media’ would just pick up the phone and ring Andy), I’m a reader and a fan who genuinely wants to know.

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  7. dude who'd says:

    Loud and bold trivial commentary painted as intelligence that’s justified in anti-anti-conundrums, order to attain and further yawls middle class social media popularity goals. Trivializing issues does not make the purpose of your comments invisible, the purpose of your comments is obvious and has everything to do with your facebook-egos and being the anti-trend-trendsters that yawll are. Knowing a few big words and writing a few sentences in the hip-anti-hip world that you wish to be kings of- does not make you intelligent in the least. Common sense will always override your wannabe fringe-anti-fringe social games, yawll like to think yawll smarter than the rest of your middle class contemporeez by painting quick-on-the-draw-confusion-mouth-offs as intelligence- you fuckheads are only bamboozling yourselves, yawlls populist reactionary yaps of “lets say something pseudo funny and trivial” clearly shows that yawll are the fashionable-fence-sitters who like to think that yawll are a bunch of penthrifts- when yawll actually have fuckall skills, writing is not a skill, nor is wearing your hat, jackets, jeans and takkies in a style. You fuckheads are empty, and when after you read this and go “he said we empty, yeah we are empty, empty is rad” you will just continue your moronic middle class ego manifestations, and in the end be packed in very minimalist or maximalist trendy-anti-trend designer embossed box packaging amongst the other very smart and weak artists.

    Your apology was not an apology, although you have furthered your popular crowd goals, but those who are actually intelligent will see write through yawll, for the fools that yawll are- once again the fool is not hip, even if you try and make it hip, time to grow up boys

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  8. brandon says:

    Ja ‘dude who’d say’ cos there’s nothing middle class about analysing ‘middle class social media’ as if you’re magically outside of it…what, did you write that with bird guano on the tender skin of a new born piglet then have it hand stitched into code by coptic nuns over three centuries before delivering it to the internet via those trees in Lord of the Rings? Twat.

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  9. Andy says:

    Also Max and Montle don’t live here anymore… in case you hadn’t noticed

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  10. humbug says:

    interesting cartoon, comic relief to calm the situation.
    however we must agree it was only time before the 2 boys got in trouble for their occasionally out-of-line comments.
    this probably wouldn’t have happened if they were still at Mahala.
    but linked to a big brand and going up in journo world – they should’ve known better.
    Also, alastair – your ‘angry media chick’ is a lil too specific.

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  11. Lisa says:

    @andy – true dat. but being as they were one-time high five brigade, surely mahala has something to say on the matter?

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  12. Andy says:

    Hi Lisa, yes we certainly do have a unique perspective on the M&M debacle, and we’re working on something. But will take our time, do it right and let things simmer down a little.

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  13. Lisa says:

    good plan 🙂 curious about the mahala perspective on this

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  14. dude who'd says:

    @brandon- typical trivial comment, the joke is you! its our(the royal our) job to watch the middle class antics, it reminds us how and where the middle class puts it time, energy and money, which generally is no real action towards real solutions, but rather getting happy about themselves when they manage to put a self quirky sentence together- wow look how smart, quirky and witty you are, keep on typing! after all- thats what make a real difference in the world -not

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  15. Beeber says:

    Got to give it to the dude – I kind of dig this line: “the fool is not hip.”

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  16. cnut says:

    What did those dilletantes do… I must have missed it… fuckup and then play the race card again?

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  17. cnut says:

    Haha… what tossers… guess it caught up with them…

    What’s even more incredible is that Montle is called a ‘writer’ ffs! Max ‘just’… but Montle…

    Nuff said.

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