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Mahala Paint Jam

by Bianca Fernandes / 13.10.2010

That bright orange tent, not the one where they were selling mushrooms, the other one, near the main stage, is where it all went down on last Saturday at Rocking the Daisies. Mahala in collaboration with Artjamming and Rocking the Daisies teamed up to bring live art to the main day of the festival, with Fuzzy Slipppers, Kronk, the Gugulective, Ayanda Mabulu, Cinga Samson and Haasbroek on the canvases. The theme of the day was art appreciation and in true Daisies style it was all in the spirit of charity, as all the artworks will soon be auctioned off to fund the Mahala Surf Co. Mahala’s very own charity, giving less fortunate kiddies the chance to catch some waves and stay out of trouble this summer. With the afternoon bands jamming to the sound of fresh paint being smeared on white canvas, festival goers had something different to look at besides drunkards and boys with guitars.

The tent that had been completely empty the previous day, except for a fire extinguisher and a bale of hay, was now filled with art supplies, art fans, and a group of blunt smoking, warm tequila downing hung-over friends of Mahala.

The passion was alive as even little future festival goers got in on the art, painting canvases and being inspired by the artists and their RTD inspired pieces. While the artists that had been hitting the daisies hard from the day before used the shade to get over their hangover, audiences from the main stage drifted over to watch their favourite bands from the comfort of that shady orange umbrella, invariably viewing the art and involving themselves in the conversations that went far beyond what was happening on stage.

Fuzzy Slippers started off the live exhibition by painting a horizontal view of an abstracted body, using black and a few colours to make it pop. Next up was Kronk, who kept to the back of the tent, avoiding the crowd and the weekend-lovers making out on the grass in front of the tent. He sketched out a Rocking the Daisies inspired square canvas including a guitar and subtle green pallet colours. The Gugulectives couldn’t wait for their slot to get started and started on an abstract painting almost as soon as they arrived. They spent the rest of the day collaborating on a few artworks and enjoying the vibe along with their trusty followers and art fans. Haasbroek ended up the day with a beautiful street adaptation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

With the sun setting and the big bands starting their sets, we headed to the bar safe in the knowledge that we had done our bit to bring a little bit of sophistication and culture to the feast of music, alcohol, drugs and sex otherwise known as Rocking the Daisies.

Cinga Samson

*Check out our friends at Art Jamming, for more info.

**More info about the Mahala Paint Jam auction coming soon.

***Images © Siri Linn Brandsoy and Kronk.

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  1. mick says:

    Velly cool side project!

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  2. Kronk says:

    Shottus gang, was fun in the sun.

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  3. TheseJadeDays says:

    dig Kronk’s piece – kinda looks like a mixture between mr warhol and cubism.


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  4. Jaun says:

    Awe bra j is puz kif oz smaak jou misiek oh ja j mut pasop ek is jaun poes woes hahahaha awe

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  5. joburg tom says:

    would be awesome if there were more pics

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  6. Andy says:

    coming Tom, coming soon.

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  7. Mike says:


    I met him at EarthDance like, 3 years ago. My buddy and I were jamming some comics in a little book. Mr. Fuzzy Slippers came past and started freestyling some tunes oh that’s right because we had my djembe too. Lank keef oke. Didn’t know he was a hardcore arteeestah. Nice one. My buddy and I often hark back to Mr. Fuzzzzzzzy Slippers in his dapper tie and shirt when we met him those years back. Memorable character. So weird seeing him now on Mahala. Ha ha ha. Awesome.

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