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Linked In Park

Best of 2012 | Linked In Park

by Alastair Laird / 23.12.2012

Originally published 28 July 2012

Check the rage from MyCityByNight and our follow up here.

*Comic © Alastair Laird.

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  1. […] Check out the rest on Mahala! Be Sociable, Share! […]

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  2. Anonymous says:

    What a shit comic. Doesn’t even make sense. Where you high when you wrote it? Idiot!

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  3. Nic says:


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  4. Anonymous says:

    This is so shit I can smell it through cyberspace.

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  5. bobby says:

    fuck all you cunts… alistair is baby genius… i liked it

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  6. Mugambi says:

    Ha ha check the people who were busted loving long time on Linkin Park’s Y2K hype… what a joke. Mzansi deserves better. Enjoy the stadium rock experience douchebags

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  7. Lydon says:

    I’m a Linkin Park fan and I’m going to the concert but this gave me a good laugh. The Rascals bit especially hahaha!

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  8. Anonymous says:

    doesent even make sense? then go read peanuts you fucken cocksucker.

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  9. Steve says:

    What a shit comic… What a shit website!

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  10. Anonymous says:

    pretty shit, bit of a lame attempt to have a dig at the other blogs. But controversy is a nice cheap form of journalism I suppose

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  11. Amy Taylor says:

    Well, i guess this comic did what it was aimed at doing – getting more people to read your (shitty) blog by riding on the names of the more established and respected blogs, and creating controversy regarding them. Congrats.

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  12. Andy says:

    Amy Taylor where you been all my life…

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  13. Andy says:

    if they could only all be like Lydon… LINKIN PAWK CHINA!

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  14. checkers says:

    i only read this comic because I saw the response to it on MyCityByNight and didn’t know what the fuss was about. Lame comic, but lame response from MyCityByNight as well. so you both lose I guess.

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  15. Jon says:


    Stop using the other blogs names to spread your crap! After all, people have the right to enjoy whatever music they want to and people are amped for this tour- why hate? I am sure if you all oil up your single speed bikes, loosen your skinnys just a little and push them fixies up to Power and Glory, you will all feel better on the night.

    Another example of Mahala sanctioned douche- baggery?

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  16. 21/12/12 says:

    Mahala has been sub-par for some time now, and still finds the need to ride on the “shocking”. The only thing shocking about this entire blog is that it still exists. I didnt even read this “cartoon” properly cause A) Its the worst fucking cartoon ever drawn and only strengthens the fact that Mahala are as shit as there produce, B) Who the fuck cares about what you think about sites more successful than yourselves? I dont need a C.

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  17. Tjoppie Stemmet says:

    ha ha, lekker KAK

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  18. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t be rude on the internet, it’s my happy place and you’re hurting all my feelings…

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  19. Simon says:

    This is the kiffest thing I’ve ever read.

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  20. Rambo says:

    For a moment I’d forgotten that I hate everyone.

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  21. Maxi Me says:

    as irrelevant as lauryn hill at the ctijf

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  22. Batman says:


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  23. Anonymous says:

    Tula mahala

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  24. Dazla says:

    Ha ha ha . I think this is probably one of Alistars master pieces. Best one yet ! FUCK MYCITYBYNIGHT

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  25. Anonymous says:

    lafff. all of you ‘bloggers’ are so up your own arses. fuck the lot of you

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  26. John Talon says:

    This is the worst thing I have ever red, what a complete load of trash. Another hipster who is too cool for school. I struggle to find the humor in a comic that makes zero sense. I am unsure why internet bloggers find the need to bash acts that are coming to South Africa, Linkin Park is an international best selling and award winning band, we are lucky to have them coming to preform on our shores.

    For some reason Alastair sees the need to deem Linkin Park as “inane shit” and their fans as “tatseless” and “douche bags”, words I feel would resonate better with the author himself and others involved in this blog. Perhaps Al is just angry because his favourite independent hipster band, no one other than him and his hip friends have ever heard of, is not coming. I’ll give you a clue why not Al, they not good enough.

    I could spend all day commenting on the drivel that is posted above, however my need to argue with a pubescent hipster is waning. So I will leave with this, I am going to enjoy seeing Linkin Park live and even more so that your ironic glasses wearing self will not be there.

    Keep it real Al

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  27. James says:

    This blog is really starting to remind me of a lonely teenage boy who masturbates heavily, plays warcraft and then bursts in on unsuspecting bloggers in the school cafeteria spraying automatic gunfire to get attention.

    Jeez. Live and let live Mahala

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  28. an essay says:

    Oh god – who says all these other publications are better than mahala? Why do you cocks mistake success for good quality. Is Linkin Park better than The John Spenser Blues Explosion. Of course not, you inchworms!

    You can’t argue the fact that the best underground SA writers are here – seriously! Chety, Max, Young (until recently) and a few others. Don’t you fucking get it – Mahala does its best NOT to be objective, it’s what makes it different from all these other crony bullshit I’ll-stroke-your-balls-if-you-stroke-mine publications. You ever heard of Open City and the LA Free Press — yeah? Well, that’s what Mahala is in this godforsaken country. Stop trying to be ‘nice’ all the time – nice is for pussies – we need people who have something else to say instead the run of the mill pleasantries.

    You know, that’s the problem with us fucking South Africans – we try to be so correct and nice, we end up sounding like a press release. You guys don’t know shit cause you haven’t read enough in your lives (most of you are still milky lickers, I know you are). Mahala is responsible for some the most left-field articles written in the past few years. Of course some are pretty bad – but that’s okay, at least they give young writers the opportunity to voice their opinions and get good a it. Here is where you get your schooling with a kick up the ass, old school! You can’t get more real than that. But “No, they’re being pricks!” It’s the pricks that change people’s perception of this shitty world, not the slick-haired PR masters.

    And please stop referring to all these publications as blogs, it makes them (including My City) sound fucking weak. Fact is that some of the shit here is exactly why people are saying ‘stop’ to traditional media. Mahala has it’s readership, which is not your average idiot who’ll go to Linkin Park, because he/she lives in TV land and watches My Super Sweet 16. Linkin Park is old news. And seriously, if you guys couldn’t get this comic, you should rather go drown somewhere. It’s great social commentary regarding our shitty radio stations and the pussies that work for them and how easily we gulp down irrelevant music from 5-7 years ago.

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  29. mister piss says:

    i love the cartoon. so true. best part “maybe I should do a linkin park remix?” hahaha

    cumon people, seriously, linkin park???? who gives a fuck about their factory shop, has-been, muppet pop rock crooner tweeny tit music? It’s just the usual 5fm/Big concerts swill being peddled to their uninformed masses of ill cultured drones.

    The only artistic integrity that linkin park ever had was when they decided to stop recording albums. it’s sad really. this is a pisstake on our populace and we have better bands ourselves than this.

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  30. Charlie says:

    Al finally got the recognition he deserves…well done my friend

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  31. :-) says:

    Love this please keep them coming!!!!

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  32. Not David says:

    Faaahkin Lunkun Pork, mah chaaaaan!

    Rather stick fucking angry wasps in my ears, thank you very much.

    Bring the bile! It’s tastier than the simpering ballstrokery on all those other cringe factories.

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  33. Anonymous says:

    linkin park suck anyway, ive seen them twice, dunno why everyone in SA is bigging them up so much, then again, no famous bands ever go to south africa so they’ll eat up anything they can get, i support alastair, always have since high school and always will

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  34. Luckysocks says:

    This is all a yawn to be honest. But I dropped by to say that this comment stream is genius. I love that way that “kak” comments fade and “kiff” comments get pulled-out. Very clever, little buggers – hat tip.

    Oh, and be nice to others… and… BangersandNash.com for the fucking win.

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  35. Paquita says:

    Oh damn, I just love Mahala!

    I found it funny.

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  36. Anonymous says:

    Ah. Finally. The pretentiousness of Cape Town’s “close-knit” blog community exposed.
    They take themselves so seriously. You’re blogging for fucks sake – not writing the constitution!

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  37. […] Davis and I were equally perterbed about the arrival of Linkin Park to our shores, so we made a comic about it. In the same comic we mentioned how a few other blogs had falsely raved about this atrocious […]

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