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Last Sunday

by Jonathan Kyriakou / 19.05.2013

Last Sunday Elsie’s River 12hr49.

* All images © Jonathan Kyriakou

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s like a bad version of Luke Daniel.

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  2. YEEZUS says:

    these photos are kak weak and the subject matter is being used in a very exhibitionist kinda way. This photographer clearly qualifies to test his skills in Syria since he likes venturing in “dangerous territory”.

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  3. luz says:

    seems to be taking the shots very far away from the action. almost abit afraid or shy.

    Anyways, i could have taken those pics. That’s how it feels.

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  4. Brian Green says:

    If you twats above reckon you can take better pics then quit your fucking belly aching and go do so.

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  5. Rene says:

    Very interesting series of pics, like the way they have been taken !

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  6. Humbug says:

    Honestly, I feel Jonathan has an incredible eye and looks for amazing compositions but he needs to stop over-processing his photos, especially lightroom presets, the clarity bar and desaturation. also jono, if you like the geometric stuff and that kinda cropping check out gursky’s work. but yes, u need to lay off the over-processing and stick to the photo-journalistic approach

    just my opinion, im no professional.

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  7. Jono kay says:

    Hi guys I was invited to Elsie’s by a very talented, caring young man, I had interviewed for another publication, he took me on a walking tour of where he grew up. The attitude around the estates was supremely relaxed, even welcoming. most were curious about me being there. These photos don’t boast to be anything other than what they are. A moment in a place many of us will never get to visit. As to the exploitive nature, it was never my intention, I usually approach subject before I take pictures. That is all, thanks to those of you with kind words


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  8. asd says:

    Internet killed the creative community. Cunts.

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  9. Andy says:

    I’m with Mr Green

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