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Last Sunday - Falls

Last Sunday

Images by Sydelle Willow Smith / 22.07.2012

Last Sunday, Livingstone, Zambia, all day.

Last Sunday - Zambia

Last Sunday - YMCMB

Last Sunday - X

Last Sunday - Ol' Boy

Last Sunday - Hands

Last Sunday - Dumbo

Last Sunday - Colours

Last Sunday - Happy Hour

Last Sunday - Vic

Last Sunday - Holla

*All images © Sydelle Willow Smith

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  1. Dave says:


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  2. Samora says:

    tooooo nice:)

    makes me wanna travel like the wind.

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  3. sydelle willow smith says:

    all images taken during the Greenpop Trees for Zambia project check them out on facebook they do amazing things.

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  4. katie says:

    Gorgeous pics Syd!

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  5. Avishka says:

    Stunning pics Syd! Been following your adventures there, looks like a fantastic project 🙂

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  6. react says:

    Very Nice!

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