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Last Sunday - Japanese Barney

Last Sunday

by Stu Shapiro / 06.05.2012

Last Sunday, Tankwa Karoo, Northern Cape, 17h45.

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Last Sunday

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**All images © Stu Shapiro.

***All nudity has been removed on request of the photographer.

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  1. bobby says:

    wow… im going to this next year… fuck splashy, oppikopi, woodstock, white mountain etc… THIS is a fucking festival

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  2. Jeffrey says:

    All I see here is white people

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  3. Gruff Grease says:

    Oh look, there she is.. with her djembe… Hippie alert! Hippie alert!

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  4. Mick says:

    Ginormously funky.

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  5. Sara says:

    Looks like little more than a fancy dress and very few installations or sculptures. Unlike Burning Man, Afrika Burn doesn’t know what it is!

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  6. tyler says:

    fucking flash in the desert? hope you took many spares…

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  7. tyler says:

    oh and shit edited… did someone say

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  8. Anonymous says:

    nice. a publicity push for a photographer financially benefitting from promoting himself through making fucked white people look pretty. didnt know that was the Burn philosophy. But cute photos.

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  9. Shmeg says:

    I guess the tits are kif.

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  10. Rol says:

    Some killer shots in here – makes me want to get off my arse and go next year.

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  11. Tyrion Lannister says:

    Who is the topless girl with the indian dude with the blue feathers? She MUST be found!

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  12. ShlongDong says:

    Damn, more tits than the whole first season of Game Of Thrones. Maybe I should attend next year…

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  13. jurgen says:

    Hope you got permission from all of these people to display nude image of them on the internet?

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  14. Mike Scott says:

    First shot did it for me. That wouldn’t look amiss in a Surrealist exhibition.

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  15. bluey says:

    Nice pics, and no aimlessly snidy article alongside it like last year, good.

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  16. Anonymous says:

    these photos are excellent! they really capture the event. amazing actually.


    1-did you get permission from these people to display them naked like this.
    2-what’s with all of these racist comments in the comments section? who cares what colour the people there were? Everyone is free to go, there is nothing stopping anyone from going. just pay and attend.
    3- is Mahala going to review this festival?

    Thanks to the photographer for this amazing effort. these pictures are great. and fuck all of you haters. you make life a shit, dull piss filled place. asswipes

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  17. bluey says:

    yeah , good point, they should probably get permission from the naked folks before posting. And the racist comments above in the thread are pretty shitty, I agree.
    The festival was great!! again next year

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  18. tyler says:

    @mick scott.. think you’re misinterpreting what surrealism is

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  19. JustSaying says:

    Alot of these pic’s were taken on Saterday. Just saying.

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  20. Cocoman says:

    boooobies! drugs! honkeys!

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  21. Anonymous says:

    @ JustSaying: Trying to act like you have a brain doesn’t suit you at all. Firstly, “Alot” is not a word and pics does not get an apostrophe, you fucking moron. Just saying.

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  22. eh says:

    1. Photographers and don’t need permission for pictures taken in public. Period. If you don’t want your boobs on film, keep your top on at public events.

    2. Jeffrey’s comment about only seeing white folks attending is not racist. It’s true. Quit being so sensitive and engage with the reality, instead of defensively calling an empirical observation racist.

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  23. tim says:

    lol yeah no permission necessary untill his ass gets sued… ah it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. the shit people can achieve these days with the law behind them…

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  24. Anonymous says:

    stu you’re a champ
    jon and jarred

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  25. carcrashmagnet says:

    god i love that light strapped to his back, viva the dedicated photographer.

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  26. Anonymous says:

    ” Everyone is free to go, there is nothing stopping anyone from going. just pay and attend.”

    think about that sentence for a minute mr piss filled life

    then think about whether there is any correlation between wealth distribution and race demographics in this country, particularly the western cape

    hmmmmmmmm. we may just be onto something here

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  27. city surfer says:

    what these pictures don’t show are the 30-40 dumb twits who rammed their cars into the mud river on their way to the jol on Thurs!

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  28. Mpho says:

    Too nice!

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  29. Cinekal Dlamini says:

    While most of the world and South Africa’s population battles the poverty line and fights for survival, numerous wealthy people (who will claim not to be cos its all relative you see), and who happen to be white, pour thousands of hours over many months and ZAR into building things so they can burn them in the desert with some vague notion of a gift economy. They do this every year!

    BUT, yes, there is a place for all things, and if it is done consciously, it can be cathartic and renewed energy may be channeled for the rest of the year into more constructive uses of energy, that could also build community and ‘gift’.

    Here’s a suggestion. Next year, let Afrika burn be staged in the middle of Khayelitsha or nearby, and get everyone privileged find some way to gift some ‘entertainment, enlightenment, stimulation’ to the peeps who cannot afford to just pay and attend!

    My guess: Poor attendance/lack of gift economy, BUT maybe not…….. hmmmm

    Lets show the world what South Africa’s privileged classes have to say about how we are proactive, not just complaining irits.

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  30. When Bears fight Back says:

    Great idea Cinekal. Unfortunate name tho. There is also nothing wrong with people ( not only white, black,tanned) exploring their creative sides. There is much work to do in South Africa to get past these old-skool blinkered ideas that colour is everything. Can we not as humans just be humans for a change. I too am concerned about the preponderance of pale skins but as already stated above ,the festival is open to any who buy tickets. It is actually a space where people of south africa can enjoy each other for you we are and not where we come from, what we think of each other and how much we own. Granted is is expensive but all blacks are not poor as all whites are not rich. It is a weak and mismotivated opinion to believe that as a fact. I could not afford to go . The festival ,as is South Africa as a whole ,is open to all and it’s time that we all accept responsibility as adults for the future of our land.

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  31. bodybeautiful says:

    erm, well i suspect that if ppl didn’t want their body’s seen they wouldn’t be posing and smiling into the fucking lens of a camera, ja? they’re wanting it. leave it be, pc legalfreaks.

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  32. Mischa says:

    Hahahahahaha lekker Adrain!

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