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Last Sunday - Mozambique

Last Sunday

by pop skiet / 29.04.2012

Last Sunday, 11h15, Vilankulos, Mozambique.

Last Sunday - Tug o' war

Last Sunday - Beach work

Last Sunday - Pull

Last Sunday - Rope

Last Sunday - Net

Last Sunday - Fishermen

Last Sunday - Catch of the day

Last Sunday - Boat

Last Sunday - Fruits of labour

*All images © pop skiet.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Helllo, its a honour to receive this little message from. I tought you have forgotten me! Thanks about the pictures and I hope we gonna see each other again very soon. On may I am going to S.A, so I think I will c u. Huge and ….george.

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  2. HE says:


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  3. carcrashmagnet says:

    i guess HE buys his fish from I&J at pick n pay

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  4. Easychair says:

    Thank you for being the window through which we can see the beauty of a people and a way of life that we might not otherwise have opportunity to witness.

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  5. black monroe says:

    wonderful insight into the lives of the fishermen of Vinlaculos! these men are strong! Thank you for sharing popskiet.

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  6. Rod T says:

    excellent photos

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  7. Gareth says:

    Excellent, hot work by hot men, what’s not to like. Great, more please.

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