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Last Sunday

Last Sunday

by Kevin Goss-Ross and Xavier Boris Vahed, styled by Illana Welman and Tessa-Mae Hadlow / 25.04.2010

Last Sunday, Tessa’s gran’s house in Seaview. 15h07.

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  1. Genny says:

    Tessa’s grans mates are fucked..

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  2. bandit says:

    fukn awesome images!

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  3. LOLZOR!!111! says:

    Lol @ Genny

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  4. tess says:

    hahah! we are fucked

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  5. mike says:

    Why are men wearing women’s clothes? I don’t get it.

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  6. tess says:

    what kind of a stupid question is that??

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  7. Anonymous says:

    fukin rockin peeps!

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  8. Steffie says:

    you guys are legen-dairy!!! I particularly like the last one of the two photographers 🙂

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  9. toi says:

    I digg this guys its so fresh! SChweet ey!

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  10. Amy Lou says:

    this is awesome! I miss you guys!

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  11. Sara says:

    clicked on KIF but nothing happened so I’m tellin’ ya it’s kif!

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  12. Anonymous says:

    Kevin Goss-Ross is getting better & better. Really cool to see him developing as a photographer. Not the most original of themes but well fucking done.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Oh. Just noticed that another award winning photographer took part in the shoot.
    Who took what and who took the last?
    None the less – KRG is taking some great shots.

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  14. Lizzy says:

    seaview. a location of international style and class. but where is the gran?

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  15. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the feedback everyone. This is a mixed bag of photographs… Xavier an I have decided to put our efforts into a combined project which functions more as an agency than two individual photographers. We pass cameras around, both do lighting for scenes, work together – so who shot what becomes increasingly irrelevant and blurry. Last shot was taken by Illana Welman. Styling by Illana Welman and Tessa-mae Hadlow.

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  16. Kevin Goss-Ross says:

    P.S. the last Anonymous would be me.

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  17. judy says:

    so much for a series that had some local insight – hipster blight is everywhere! run for the hills!

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  18. me says:

    the girl in photo 5 can get it..

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  19. mother says:

    the green room is delicious.

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  20. Andy says:

    Wow Judy… you’re so sour… it’s what we’ve come to expect from you… but seriously it must be really miserable being you.

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  21. roeleen bloemhof says:

    these pics are sooooo cool! best bloody pictures ever!!!


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  22. Anonymous says:

    who said the series was ment to have local insight?
    This is an old cat ladys house!

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  23. Anonymous says:

    At least we know that the players are popular and have a heathy following of band aids or would that be flash-bangers? Anyways.

    Nice to see Durbanites getting together for some collarborations though…Would be great to see these creatives as well as the local bands going to the next level. Maybe creating some new sounds complete with light shows, multimedia shit, props etc The lack of financial support shouldn’t be used as an excuse. If enough people get together and use their talents the scene would surely prosper. Just imagine…

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  24. joegz says:

    hit me straight in the eyeballs and entered my soul.

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  25. Trish says:

    First bathtub scene and mook & brett are my favorites for sure! girls you also look amazing x

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  26. Bob1 says:

    haha this is really cool. usually not a fan of this sorta style of photog, but i think the fact that most of the “models” can be found at the pub on any given wednesday definitley makes it more fun.

    haha oh and brett and mook look like those two rednecks from pulpfiction would have, if bruce willis hadnt snuffed them and theyd bought a nice house in hillary.

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  27. Daryn says:

    Awesome pics ..Very proffesional .Shanny is good at modeling ..I think ! Ray turns me on with that outfit on the toillet I have been fantisising bout that shit for a while now ……

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  28. Anonymous says:


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  29. fangril says:

    I love it when boys wear dresses…

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  30. skeg says:

    ray looks way too comfortable in a dress…but i already knew that

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  31. Daryn says:

    Jr is a cake

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  32. kat says:

    this is toooo ILL. Nice mash up of very beautiful minds and people. Give us more, yah?

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  33. Anonymous says:

    is there anyone anywhere under 30 that doesn’t have a tattoo???

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  34. anatman says:

    beautiful pictures, love the colours and the set ups…you guys could shoot a whole movie in tess’s gran’s house and i’d watch it for sure…(which one of the girl’s is tess?)

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  35. Jo-maaa says:

    Tre coolio tastical-licious! In other words: Fucking “A”!
    Love your work.

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  36. Claire says:

    Oh dear me, I actually thought these were Capetonians due to the level of pretension… sorry guys, but get out of the bath and do something original.

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  37. Claire says:

    OK, so I’ve put some thought into why I didn’t like it; my pet peeve is when someone here writes ‘hated it’ without bothering to substantiate why.

    OK, first – There doesn’t appear to be any narrative. So to start off with, there’s a really unique location, and the shoot really is all about the location – let’s do something with this really off-the-wall house. Fine. However – one obvious way to do it would be to make the models high fashion and really alien against this crazy, old lady, packrat interior. Or, make the models trashy, but sexy, so they really carry off this hillbilly/ white trash / zef thing and make you want to be like them, for just that moment when you’re looking at the pics. This is a fashion shoot, right? But, the models in this shoot aren’t doing much – in the pic in the kitchen, what are they doing? They look like models sitting around killing time during a fashion shoot! Nothing interesting about their poses/ expressions at all, they look utterly bored, and not in an elegantly wasted way.

    The pic of the two men sitting on the couch is good – they look like they belong there and it’s their dog. They’re the grandsons come along to visit Gran and they’re looking slightly curious/ hostile respectively.

    The guys in the bathroom – WTF? Skinny hippies in gran’s bathtub? Hmm, I’m sure they had to be talked into wearing the women’s underwear but so what? Do hillbilly meth-addicted dudes really hang out together in their bathrooms wearing women’s underwear? No, but that’s the point, you say. Is it? It just doesn’t seem plausible.

    The guy with the tat – yes it’s an impressive tat, but what’s with the eye make up, is he guitarist for an emo band? He’s some random dude deep in thought in Gran’s house, in both pictures – all this guy does is think hard. What is he doing there?

    I liked the guy outside next to the car, the first girl on the bed, and the girl with the fur hat – she had a bit of movement/ action to her. The last one, purportedly of the photographers, was fun. The rest – technically good, and you did have a fab location to work with, but – meh.

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  38. Daryn says:

    Sheesh CLAIRE . Hows about some encouragement . I personally thought that these photo’s were very DURBAN . There is a bored feel which is typical to d.b.n.and the quality of the photos are really good. these are young photographers that have SERIOUS potential . This stuff might not be on par with your extremely high standards but the key word is POTENTIAL . I think this kind of quality could definitely make it into some big international fashion publications..maybe . They do need to try and be a little more original….a little !
    These guys are going far , judging by Kevins’ previous work too.
    Allot of people could have torn your film to shreds .(I didn’t think it was that original either).namely myself but had more integrity than that , there is potential for that too though . That is if you stay alive for long enough to show us YOUR gems. And maybe I’ll give it a bit of acknowledgment
    I think you should try and criticize more constructively and not be too harsh unless you would like that kind of treatment yourself ….
    yours sincerely

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  39. Anon says:

    Hmmm Claire rings of ‘Sunday Magazine’. Critic of all except cronies. I wonder…

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  40. Claire says:

    I was being constructive! I tried to explain exactly what I liked and didn’t, and why. I said it was technically good and an interesting location. I agree they have potential.

    I’m not from Durban so I wouldn’t know they are typically Durban, nor would someone perusing them in an international publication…

    I really think that only hearing encouragement (of which they are getting plenty, from their friends) and nary a word of criticism isn’t going to make them any better – complacency is the enemy of excellence, and all of us in South Africa need to raise our game… they can take on what they want, and discard the rest etc but I think I’d be doing them as disservice by saying ROCKEN BABY, ROCKEN if I didn’t really think so. Maybe I could have couched my words in a nicer way but we’re all adults here and if you want to make it big you need to ‘man up’ about receiving criticism.

    Oh – and there must be another Claire on here – this is my first post on Mahala! I didn’t make a film, and I don’t work for the Sunday Magazine. I’m not ‘in’ any group, I’m utterly on the outside here.

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  41. ClaireinCT says:

    I shall rename myself “ClaireinCT’ so this other Claire who made an unoriginal film (oops) doesn’t get confused with me any longer…

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  42. Daryn says:

    sorry think I mistook you with someone else

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  43. ClaireinCT says:

    No problem. You’d better go and apologise to the other Claire 🙂

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  44. Daryn says:

    hopefully she doesnt read this !

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  45. tess says:

    haha, people are so heavy! it was just a fun thing with friends that turned out awsome…lighten up!

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  46. tess says:

    i agree that the close up chest-piece-boy pic looks a bit cheese though

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  47. Kevin Goss-Ross says:

    Thanks for the crit Claire but I think you miss the mood and setting for this shoot. This was really just a fun shoot of people trying out different things – a hot, boring Sunday in the Dirtbin at Tess’ gran’s house with a bunch of people from the pub. Xavier and I don’t usually do the whole fashion vibe, and it was our first time working together. So the concentration here wasn’t focussed on originality, blowing your mind or even doing a fashion shoot. It was a bunch of creative fuckers coming together and doing something without pay as a collaborative effort for the sake of producing something visual. Perhaps it is not new to you, but it was new to us. Regardless, I appreciate your input and will put it to good use. Next time round we’ll put more thought into a narrative and also spend more time juggling concept instead of getting bogged down with getting the lighting right.

    To everyone who put in positive or negative feedback – thank you.

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  48. ClaireinCT says:

    Hi Kevin

    Thanks for the very gracious response, now I feel bad… 🙂

    Context is indeed everything, and I was critiqueing it from the point of view of it being a finished piece for submission in a magazine, rather than an experiment/ idea. It is cool that there is a platform in SA for people to post stuff before it gets to magazine stage though.

    Technically you guys are good – the lighting was perfect! – and I will watch out for future stuff from you, for sure.

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  49. gigi says:

    love the images 🙂

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  50. jerome says:

    that was a DOPE shoot…..never been to many BUT that was a cool xxperience.. thank you tess

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  51. Oh, comment board says:

    Finally some decent and productive use of the comment board, nice Claire and Kevin, nice 🙂 Isn’t that the fun point of putting creative work into a public forum, to find out what people think about it? Awesome lighting and set housing beautiful people, although I agree with the need for narrative (or at least more interaction between the set and models (models = characters?)) (just for future reference, totally get that it was just a “fun-timez” shoot :))

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  52. bryan little says:

    i think its the models that are making people uncomfortable cos they look uncomfortable and self conscious even though its meant to be a fun sunday thing. might have been better to shoot everyone hanging out without them knowing about it. very difficult to do though. for me that is the gift of a great photographer – the ability to ingratiate themselves into a situation in a way that doesn’t change it. just a thought, dont want to be critical in a negative way because i think that the images are interesting and have a good energy but if you say it was just a fun experiment then it might have been cool to feel that even more in the images rather than half feel a fashion editorial type feeling which is crap anyway. maybe you were stuck in the middle ? wanting to create these ‘fashion’ style images as a challenge but actually really wanting to do it raw and real and fucked up like terry richardson or your own style. whatever. they are interesting. maybe do it again on a another sunday and try totally different approaches ? that would be really interesting.. but less fun i guess . look forward to more of your work. have fun

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  53. Pieter Vosloo says:

    That is such a cool shoot, fuck yeah

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