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Last Sunday - Hermanus Reservoir

Last Sunday

Images by Adam Kent Wiest / 04.12.2011

Last Sunday, Hermanus, Western Cape, 14h48.

Last Sunday - Jump

Last Sunday - Bridge

Last Sunday - Flying

Last Sunday - Splash

Last Sunday - Reservoir

Last Sunday - Ripple Effect

Last Sunday - Stretch

Last Sunday - Double

Last Sunday - Floaty

Last Sunday - Tanning

Last Sunday - Wall Spot

Last Sunday - Scenery

Last Sunday - Blue

Last Sunday - Hello

Last Sunday - Underwater

Last Sunday - Umbrella

Last Sunday - Feet

Last Sunday - Rock Climbing

Last Sunday - Spider's Web

Last Sunday - Secret

Last Sunday - Orange

Last Sunday - The View

Last Sunday - Nature

Last Sunday - Swim

Last Sunday - Hidden

Last Sunday - Harbour

Last Sunday - Hermanus Sea

Last Sunday - Sunset

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**All images © Adam Kent Wiest

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  1. sara says:


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  2. dudie says:

    very nostalgic.

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  3. o yeah says:

    so nostalgic rite now. so much nostalgia, so little time. memories.

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  4. Chad says:

    That is one of the best places in the world.

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  5. Chris says:

    You dudes really made 14h48 count.
    great photos

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  6. Jonathan says:

    The water looks chilly but will definitely try find this spot.

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  7. cnut says:

    This definitely ranks highly as one of the best ever Mahala articles from a written and literary perspective if not the best!

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  8. Cape says:

    Where is this?

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  9. layla says:

    really beautiful photos

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  10. ShlongDong says:

    @Cape: It’s the Three Dams Valley in Hermanus, between Fernkloof and Vogelgat Nature Reserves. Really beautiful place, stoked to go do work there every now and again.

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  11. jUSTjEALOUS says:

    Wow, i will jump topless if you take me…so pretty.

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