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Last Sunday | Wolves

Last Sunday

by Paris Brummer / 10.07.2011

Last Sunday, Wolves, Joburg, 13h57.

All images © Paris Brummer.

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  1. Helen says:

    I adore Angie Batis and her site “I found a lucky pony”, – she is so like I was when I was young, and living in a flat in Yeoville, shopping at the TocH for vintage gear and stuff, and wearing it to disco’s – hey, yes, I did say disco’s, I’m 57 now, and STILL collect “stuff”, unfortunately am too old to go to Wolves, though do get the news letters of the fantastic band’s that play there – if only age did not bring grey hair and other getting old kinda things – Wolves ROCK’s !!!!

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  2. Helen Lovkis says:

    oh, and I LOVE Mahala, which came to me rather divinely ! I found a copy “abandoned” by someone outside the GPO when I went to collect my post, and I thought – hey, whatzis then? and I took it home and revelled in the writings, I love Lin Sampson’s way of putting things across, and found other writer’s there that I LOVED, sorry, still love – as in, am Loving my Mahala – like I said – Mahala came to me divinely – would love the paper printed version so that I can indulge it whilst relaxing in a warm bath – seems the best things in life are free, (but you can tell that to the bird’s and the bees) lyric’s from THE FLYING LIZARDS, (from my day’s – like I said, I yam, fifty bloody seven) but you can Youtube The Flying Lizards and have the pleasure of listening to it – To all at Mahala – have a GREAT weekend, – wish I could go to the Nigga Sports bar, bet there are some real interesting character’s down there, much better than the cocktail lounge at the Mount Nelson !!! ps I see Toast Coetzer is on my husband Ian Gordon (from Diamondback Blues Band) ‘s FB – mmmm ….

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  3. Helen Lovkis says:

    er … sorry, meant to say “indulge I N it” – sherbet, did not edit – mmmm, could be misinterpreted – rhymes with edit, … please excuuuusa

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