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Last Sunday

Last Sunday

by Kevin Goss-Ross / 15.08.2010

Last Sunday, Northam, all day.

All images © Kevin Goss-Ross.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the way you slotted in a 3-piece sequence of darkies (you can tell by the uniform, age, expressions, they’re workers there) just to make the piece seem more cosmopolitan!

    Is this what Oppikoppi looks like? White as the driven snow? No coloureds, Indians, Asians, Arabs? Just a handful of them thar blacks (used one as the opening photograph) and the rest a tidal wave of whiteys?

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  2. Dan says:

    White hipsters with silly expressions on their faces and wacky facial hair.

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  3. Andy says:

    what are you talking about? some of those guys are from the band Tidal Waves the others are just regular punters. It’s your mind that’s racially segregated. Hope all that guilt is working out for you…

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  4. Sarah Dee says:

    Super duper.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, which of those three black dudes with the black t-shirts is from Tidal Waves?

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  6. Andy says:

    Oh and anonymous to quote Dave Durbach in http://www.mahala.co.za/music/jocks-of-the-bushveld/

    “While some may think it encouraging that a few black people showed up and enjoyed themselves, the demographics of any audience obviously comes down to the music on offer. It may be the biggest music festival in SA, but Oppikoppi is still a rock festival. Given that most decent music is being put out by Afrikaans bands, no one expects the audience to be anything other than predominantly white and Afrikaans. Maybe that’s the key to the festival’s continued success – it doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it really is: a great place to get fucked up.”

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  7. Roger Young says:

    Jeez Anons having a bit of a shitty sunday there?

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  8. MarkReitz says:

    Mahala is the worst for stupid cocky opinions.
    Great feature, well done.

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  9. Kevin Goss-Ross says:

    Anonymous, you are a twat.

    These are simply a bunch of photographs taken of people at Koppi in the order I encountered them. I did not go out to “make the piece seem more cosmopolitan”. That would be stupid, too much effort and a little racist. If I had come across any of the other ethnic groups you mentioned, I would’ve taken photos of them. Its a god damned festival – these were the people I ran into at the festival.

    Stop trying to read into everything just so you can have your moronic say under the lovely protected guise of anonymous.


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  10. violent boogie says:

    hmmm, the anonymous wanknozzle again….how unfortunate

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  11. Andy says:

    non of them wanknozzle, but the opener is Sam “Drumbo” Shoai, vocalist and drummer for Tidal Waves

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  12. filipa says:

    FLIPPEN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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  13. Lizzy says:

    34 🙂

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  14. Luke says:

    Well captured Kevin!

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  15. MSP* says:

    Anonymous, more like AnonyPoes…

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  16. Max says:

    Kevin FTW!!!!
    im having a wank right now

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  17. danni says:

    OMG! Hipster alert! Quick, someone write an article! Someone, ‘have an opinion’!

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  18. David Steynberg says:

    Damn we’re a bunch of funny-looking fuckers, eh? I found it more fun to scroll really quickly up and down the page – the changing faces, expressions, skin tones and facial hairstyles are classic!

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  19. Anonymous says:

    bit of a bore.

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  20. Whyno? says:

    I like! Faces are sooooooooooooo interesting, and SA has some really really stunning faces, all zonked out, boozed up, high as kites! What FUN! And nice to recognise a couple of faces too, I must be hanging out in all the right places 🙂

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  21. Tara says:

    frikkin what did you do to everyone’s faces kevin?!? i dig it.

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  22. Tangerine says:

    Such a cool idea x

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  23. Anonymous says:

    oi anonymous, i think you the one with a few racial prejudice issues for assuming that the black folks that mister kevin captured on his camera are workers….. Whats with that? Are you one of those South Africans who fell over backwards when you first visited the U.K because you saw white folks sweeping the streets?

    wena. eish.

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  24. Anonymous says:

    I look beautifully

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  25. pop says:

    the best sunday essay by far

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