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Last Sunday

Last Sunday

by Pop Skiet / 30.05.2010

Last Sunday, 10h34, Yeoville, Johannesburg.

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  1. Wokkie says:

    Love the natural shots, some of them posed for you too much, but they GREAT pics! piep

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  2. Wokkie says:

    the 2 first pix and the 2 last are BRILLIANT…

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  3. Wokkie says:

    woman in black dress in bright sunlight with dark shadow and coke crates behind her – magnifique! shez not looking posed – she looking away from the camera… her dress makes it work too, great print.

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  4. Wokkie says:

    ya thatz actually my best – the sunlight and shadow woman. see cos i’m obsessed with LIGHT! itz the only pic here that is weighted down on the ground naturally cos she and the crates are casting their great shaped shadows. this one floats by boat! lol i MEAN floats MY boat, freudian slip?

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  5. Wokkie says:

    i’m writing a lot cos i’m really taken by this pic – i think you need to explore your light sources and shadows more and not just flat colour. this woman looks like a black african sandy stewart which i also find very interesting. i’d like to paint this photo – thatz the effect it has on me! so MORE!!! THEY ‘DEEPER.’

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  6. Wokkie says:

    meant ‘do’ MORE, but SO more also worx 😉 i’m also now realizing why i’m liking the first haircut one cos itz a great special effect: that the woman’s face is in front of that black silhouetted painted face on the red background – looks like her SHADOW – very clever whether intentional or not! i know you more graphic but i think you could be good with 3D SHAPE created by LIGHT & SHADOW. itz only LIGHT or lack of … that creates FORM… try some HEAVY forms.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    usually i only leave snarky messages on this website but these are great.

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  8. gees piel says:

    wonderful shots, love them. more please..

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  9. Petra Mason says:

    J9 is a genius.

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  10. Claire says:

    Pop skiet, ja skiet Jozi pop so well…

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  11. Montana Max says:

    If that guy in the first photograph is considered attractive to woman, then I’m afraid I might have to mercy-fuck myself just out of the despair I feel for the human race.

    Look at his funny little arms, blown up like carnival balloons, his stupid little hat that looks like he has a desert mesa on top on his head; or his pretty little pink shirt with too-short shirtsleeves and tucked into his jeans, so he can show off his stomach!

    (laughs hysterically). Oh yes, I’m jealous. So jealous. But not of him. I’m jealous of those guys who died in that plane crash a couple of weeks ago. Spared the image of this asshole prettyboy.

    Some of the other snaps are quite good.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    montana max do u have fat arms and a belly…..sounds like it

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  13. Vida says:

    Never Stop Last Sunday, it is ASEM!

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  14. gees piel says:

    The guy in pink is HOT!! Shame MM, very bleak for you.

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  15. Tanya Tauber says:

    Love the first guy in the pink shirt ! He looks gorgeous ! Also the proud lady with the silver shoes ! Very cool pics !

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