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by Nathan Zeno / 01.05.2009

KAK – This Sign raises many questions. Is that Thabo Mbeki and Lucas Radebe? What are Mbeki and Radebe doing together? What is appealing about either of these hairstyles? What is the Salon owner trying to say about linking these men’s careers? What is that in the middle of Lucas’ forehead? Why is the word UNISEX relevant pertaining to these men, particularly in light of the fact that in hairdressing parlance unisex means “we do both sexes”?

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  1. Zoe says:

    Why is this such a short article? I was just getting into it.

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  2. jezebel says:

    “low blow, sir? no, sorry, we don’t do dry.”

    this is not satire; it’s corny associative thinking.

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  3. Andy says:

    Oy Jezebel… what’s the point in your criticism? What does the quote pertain to? Flesh it out, or zip it up…

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  4. Roger Young says:

    Jezebel perceives it as it is meant to be perceived. How fortunate.

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  5. NDILEKA says:

    HYO GUD JOB HY!!!!!!

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  6. NDILEKA says:


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  7. Manie says:

    kif – good

    kak – kak

    where are you from china?

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  8. Andy says:

    Kif = Good
    Kak = Bad

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  9. Anonymous says:

    nATHAN…. it seems you had a jolly time writing about signage, and i agreed with the saving electricity one simply because it was a crap ad and that’s that, but with this one your just talking rubbish. All i see when i see that sign is a beautiful African sign and i would like to see more of those with bad spelling and skew faces all over the place in the future. Chill out a bit on the signs bro! Go roll a phat one, have a label and go steal that sign and see how much a art dealer in NY would pay for it on E bay… There are some fancy ass white boy design companies in CT that are ripping of Afro designs left and right… why not give them a go.

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  10. Nathan Zeno says:


    email us the signs and i’ll riff off them.

    The sign is another hairdressing sign, in that same style, it’s a style meme by now, it’s just interesting in terms of the juxtaposition of the two cultural icons. Stylistically and design wise, it’s not really worth comment now, after all i love the style. it’s the content I was after. And I was just taking the piss.

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  11. EMJAY LEPONA says:

    ya marete a a mabedi ke di gay

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  12. EMJAY LEPONA says:

    ya marete a ama bedi ke di gay

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  13. EMJAY LEPONA says:

    thabo nd lucas are dating

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  14. G says:

    hahahaha…. what a rad article, should of been more, i was starting to laugh my ass off

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  15. miss rea!!! says:

    daymmmmm…. y dey gota go that hard~??? shampie

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  16. MOtho says:

    Who cares just get a haircut.

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