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Khoi San Style Rise

by Blaq Pearl / 28.06.2013

Blaq Pearl aspires to contribute to positive change in South Africa, specifically regarding the music industry and youth empowerment. To be successful and inspire upcoming artists and musicians, and to to grow immensely and continuously in her musical talents and self. Her poetry and music entails social content, controversial and tabooed issues and is about empowerment and real experiences.

Khoi San Style Rise

Ek is n Khoi, n San
Stap saam die maan met wild in my hand
En n dans- wat jou sit in n trans
My voorgeslag kon reen maak,
Stories vertel was woelag!

Tog fasionable het krale gemaak en gedra
Was multi coloured, universal
Geguide, deur die sterre en die maan
Tekens gelos op klippe en op land
Medisyne gekry natuurlik-uit die aarde

Eers goed saam geliewe
Met verskille, maar tesame Proud van hul taal, ja
Toe kom skepe van Batavia
Mense van ander lande intro dinge van ander lande
Plus tale van ander lande!! Nou alles mixed tesame!!

At times I feel stuck in this place called the Cape Flats
My mental’s enchained, engraved in these streets
Where people roam, constantly dragging our feet,
No one to believe in what we are selling,
Yet we keep on buying and buying these lies and artificial living
Teach us to teach and learn our nations lessons
Motivate us with our own experience
So we can Feel again, Breath again, Believe &
Rise like never before…

For, we’re a people with history,
Roots, deeply rooted, we need to search for it
Not just any story, prescribed and printed with lies
Stories known and alive, with truth in it
So true, we can feel the life in it,
See the light in the sense it makes,
The time to awake is not tomorrow, its today
Where I can be taught & see the light
Guiding my way, toward, the path where my ancestors wait…
To fill me and Bless me, so I can clearly see,
My truth at last…


*For more on Blaq Pearl and other Pan-African poets please visit Badilisha Poetry X-change, produced by the Africa Centre.

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