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Trevor Paul



Trevor Paul

Fancy yourself something of a sketchpad expert? Well Danni Diana and her crew of loosely affiliated, filthy Joburg based creatives have come up with a novel way of showcasing the latest and greatest underground illustrative and design talent through a Facebook Group called ‘Daily Little Drawings’.

Anja Venter

Anja Venter

Every week they upload the best submissions to the Facebook Gallery, showcasing the fine artworks of the many marginalised, depressed and incredibly talented visual artists who clutter the streets of Mzanzi.

They’re gearing up for an exhibition in 2010 and the top 50 submissions will be turned into limited edition artworks and sold for massive profit. Fame and fortune await. Send the fruits of your illustrative skills submissions to dailylittledrawings@gmail.com

Check out the Facebook group here.

Daily Little Drawings

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  1. Jason says:

    Why are Jozi creatives always called filthy, marginalised and depressed? It’s true, of course, but it hurts our feelings.

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  2. sara says:

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