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How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love the K-bomb

How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love the K-bomb!

by Alastair Laird / 12.05.2012

*Illustration © Alastair Laird.

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  2. Matthew says:

    It’s like a 5 year old watched the news, caught a whiff of second-hand marijuana smoke, and decided to write a cartoon.

    Not one of these is remotely funny.

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  3. Name (optional) says:

    Mahala on the ball as usual, only 1 week late.
    If the printed media covers stories before you guys, then you’re doing it wrong.

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  4. K-Mart says:

    Montle and (to a much lesser extent) Irvin Khoza probably think they’re being terribly postmodern and street-smart by gleefully using this horribly tainted word from their comfortable vantage-point of sheltered blackness. Maybe it’s the one undeniable tool for one-upmanship and revenge at centuries of racial bias – the one luxury that black people can use at will and enjoy in full knowledge that this is one area where white compatriots will never enjoy such license.

    But every time such people criticize white South Africans for not contributing towards nation-building, they should know that their self-indulgent use of this word with a history of hurt is doing similar damage. Every time a black person uses the k-word they edge it back into the lexicon of everyday language and by doing so they subliminally grant permission to white racists to continue using it as they see fit. That’s not nation-building, it is provocation on a scale that this country does not need right now.

    Montle, stop mistaking petulant behavior for cultural edginess. It’s time to get real, realize where we are in the history of this troubled nation and grow the fuck up!

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  5. Anoras says:

    Well done Alastair.

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  6. Joe Kool says:

    Alastair this is incredible!

    K-mart and all the other oversensitve white guilt apologists on this thread need to understand that this is both a humorous and a deeply progressive cartoon. People who don’t want to push out of their comfort zones will invariably say, ban it, don’t use that word, it’s too dangerous, it’s too scary… or my favourite… it gives racists permission to be racist! HA! Bullshit.

    Any derogatory word that holds as much power should be spoken, examined, mumbled, fumbled, appropriated, re-interpreted and misused. So we all know and understand exactly why we find it so offensive. You don’t get over something by making it taboo or banning it’s usage.

    Keep at it Alastair. This is why we love Mahala!

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  7. Faux Joe says:

    Code K! Code K! That shit cracks me up…

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  8. montle says:

    I have nothing to do with this cartoon, so why don’t you coffee shop intellectuals either deposit some cash into my account or go fuck yourselves. Talking to me about lexicons and irvin khoza..you think I give a fuck?I can’t even afford to go on the net most days…you think I really give a fuck about kaffirs or your sensitivities? Go fuck yourselves. And the name is BIG SPACE,not DJ BIG SPACE or BIG KAFFIR,just BIG SPACE.

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  9. Who Cares Wins says:

    So that’s why some people continue to use the k-word whenever they feel like it, because they just don’t give a damn about anything. Thanks for clearing that up.

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  10. Faux Joe says:

    judging by the kif and kaks on the comments… and the inability or unwillingness of anyone (beyond k-mart’s little bleat) to argue persuasively why they think this is kak, just goes to show that this thread is dominated by sensitive yellow-bellies who are too afraid to confront a word.

    Montle keep fighting. Alastair keep drawing. Mahala keep publishing. Amen.

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  11. K-Mart says:

    Judging by the kifs and kaks on the comments, this thread may be dominated by readers who are more sympathetic to the sensitivities of their fellow South Africans than others. It’s called compassion.

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  12. Who Cares Wins says:

    Hey Faux Joe, let’s do a little test to see who’s really the yellow-belly. Why don’t you take a trip down to the nearest taxi rank during rush hour and greet all the black folk there with “Hey K@&&*%, how’s it going?” No matter what colour your skin may be, I’ll wager a tidy sum that it won’t be long before you get seven shades of shit kicked out of you.

    That’s the problem with people who debate these issues from the lofty confines of language and abstraction, they lose touch with reality all too quickly.

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  13. Mike says:

    alistair, you’re a ninja. as a country we’ve tried to condense all racism into a single word that should be buried. the word has become the container, the scapegoat, the vial. and anyone that tries to mention its name is thought to be digging up the past and impeding the transfer of all negativity from ourselves to this single word, that should be buried. its only fitting that its like a bomb waiting to be blown up, which your comic did. artists sometimes don’t play by the rules, so you kind of get away with it. in this context, its kind of funny from a society point of view. all forms of racism really upset me, seriously get me down no matter which direction its flowing. but i still see the humour here. there’s this precious locked up word waiting to be smashed, sooner or later art like this results, like a ripe pimple waiting to burst.

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  14. Faux Joe says:

    I’m with Mike… let’s pop that pimple and lance the boil. K-mart wants to keep fiddling with it in the name of “compassion”.

    If I was black, which I’m not, I’d be K-bombing myself and others just like Arthur, Montle and Irvin have done… it’s just a stupid word and it needs to be wrestled away from those who use it to hurt and offend people on the basis of race. Why should they have a monopoly on its use and meaning… you call it compassion, I call it censorship. What other words would you like to ban? Got any books and movies on that list? Let’s have a little PC night of the long knives… ze compassion fuhrer!

    Your thinking, while kind and well meaning, is really just like a bunny in the headlights!

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  15. Simba says:

    I’d love to know if any black people have kakked this cartoon or the comments defending it. Seems like a “code K!” knee-jerk reaction from the we-don’t-want-to-appear-racist brigade. Touché bitches!

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  16. ENOUGH says:

    alaister stop whoring your considerable artistic talents to the “””””writers””””” of mahala. Yes you atre talented, but not when you use that talent to house this fucking drivel. Write whats in that marvellous head of yours. Political satire aint your thang (or the thang of anyone involved in this piece, clearly). And FYI simba et al. Racism is not necessarily determined in the eyes of the opressed race. In the same way as many women subscribe to and perpetuate inherently mysogynist/seist stereotype/behaviour, so too can black people be the unwitting perpetrators/enablers to racist sentiment, against themselves and other races. For example, the accusation that The Whites who kakked this article did so out of some pathtic white guilt complex… you know, just how all of those fucking monkeys in the townships only complain because they’re lazy. mmm.

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  17. ENOUGH says:

    oh and faux joe, its swell you think Reclaiming Hate Words can save the world. Where did you learn that? From a degree in Amazing Stereotypes from the University of Nigga Wut Chiggin Wing Yo? Or from the cambrige school of empowered slut doctors?

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  18. zo says:

    The internet; the last safe dominion for racism. Explain your hate.

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  19. cnut says:

    I am black and well educated and me and my friends call each other kaffirs for a laugh whenever we feel depressed.

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  20. Flo jo says:

    Cnut, my kaffir, thanks bro!

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  21. bobby says:

    alistair is a lovely lad and montle is probably a bit of a k… aw whom i kidding, i cant say it! blerry white guilt!

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