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The Last Nub | Feminist Martial Arts

Feminist Martial Arts

by Alastair Laird / 25.02.2012

*Script by Max Barashenkov.
*Comics © Alastair Laird.

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  1. creepy steve says:

    pulitzer prize winning stuff, hats off gentlemen, hats off

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  2. cnut says:

    Haha Laird… you’re twisted…

    However I do believe no-one asked me to used my ‘Mahala-high-5-brigade’ collective noun…

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  3. Anonymous says:

    pretty cool, but could you stop writing about yourselves? jesus, you’re not as cool or interesting as you think you are.

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  4. Mick says:

    They are cooler, you silly namelessnicity.

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  5. Alastair says:

    @Cnut — What are you gonna do about it? You anonymity yet again works against you. You’re a much more accurate description of the ‘online, self-purported writers’ you speak of. Yet again, you continue to shit in your own nest.

    @Anonymous — And you’re SO interesting that you fail to use your own name when posting comments. The stuff is pretty self-deprecating, any way you look at it… your rash assumption that any of the cast think they’re popular is based on what?

    It’s a fucking COMIC. Take it for what it is.

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  6. Sarah Dee says:

    You’ll end up with a pair of tiny, inadequate golden testicles sewn to your sleeve as you trudge towards the showers, Max.

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  7. cnut says:

    Hook, line and sinker!

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  8. city of lost gold says:

    @sarah dee

    can someone explain that joke to me? or is this another inside thing?

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  9. Sarah Dee says:

    It was Third Reich thing.

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  10. Sarah Dee says:


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  11. blithebob says:

    I’m confused too. What do the inadequate golden testicles have to do with anything? Historical knowledge please!

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  12. Sarah Dee says:

    Here. I drew it into a picture to make it easier to understand.


    (And since I have to elaborate it like this I should disclaim it explicitly: Nazis are extremely uncool. The word “feminazi” is also uncool. But it seems we’re already running with the analogy.)

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  13. cnut says:

    Sarah Dee… grasping at golden balls… after several posts you realise you’re a fucking loser yeah?

    That’s obviously rhetorical!

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  14. Sarah Dee says:

    No I’m quite okay Cnut. Though I apologise for getting you so worked up.

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  15. Anoras says:

    Cnut, do me a favour and suck my left nut yeah?

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  16. Sipho says:

    Nice one Sarah! Pissing on the chips of the zionist threat since 2012!

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  17. helene says who says:

    Oh Nazi’s are extremely uncool. Unutterability? Try bleedin’ freaking obvious.

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  18. Sarah Dee says:

    Tone deafness.

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  19. Sarah Dee says:

    What’s obvious is what happens when you marry Godwin’s law and feminism . If you run with it, you find out where it goes.

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  20. fogey says:

    That line between edginess and taste is not as blurred as you would like to think.

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  21. Mgunyan says:

    Just for using the word edgy you should be gassed Fogey.

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  22. Anonymous says:

    Why was Linda Stupart left out? I demand a rematch!

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  23. Alastair says:

    @Anonymous, pitch@mahala.co.za— that’s all I gotta say!

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