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by Checkmate Mido / 20.09.2013

The ever-resilient Checkmate Mido is a human beatbox, poet, musician and actor. He is known for his thought provoking poems and incorporating beatboxing into his performances. Checkmate shows off his beat-boxing and lyrical capabilities in this intriguing piece.


Went the drum,
Bass came in between,
Clack! Clack! Hit the hat… Then came a dream.
Penny for a thought,
Freedom is what music sought,
So… Buh-boom!
We fought,
With screams of bass in between,
Clack! Clack! So they fell and songs reigned supreme.
Love was made to the woman named Queen,
Get the picture the frame brings,
Kisses here and sweat scenes,
Wet things,
Among them the Queens’ panties and soon….
Bed sheets,
We made heat,
Baying to be cooled by wet lips,
So… Buh-boom!
Went the drum,
Bass came in between,
Clack! Clack! Follows the music of the sweet tenor Queen…
Ebony skin,
Meet dark chocolate, my version of yang and yin,
Let she fantasize of the pleasures my tongue shall bring,
To the… Buh-boom!
Of her drum,
With some bass in between,
Clack! Clack! Cracks her voice when she start to sing!
‘tfeels like morning, her grass is wet with dew,
Praising the rhythm that man knew,
And the Buh-boom!
Of her heart speeds up,
Her peak must,
Be getting closer, because as we hug,
She gets, the music becomes louder,
And her hip sways to the song now,
The Buh-boom!
Of the heart if not stronger then strong now,
The bass in between tones down,
To low hums,
And the Clack! Clack! Of the hat, turns to sighs,
Depicting goodbye to highs,
And Hello to lows, expressed simply like,
For example…
I’m down for you!

*For more on Checkmate Mido and other Pan-African poets please visit Badilisha Poetry website, produced by the Africa Centre.

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