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Blood Claat

by D'bi Young / 19.04.2013

I am a child of the village. I was raised by the village. Half of my life was spent in Jamaica and the other half in Canada. I am the result of the community taking time over and over again to give loving attention to the growing black girl child.

Blood Claat

blood claat
blood blood blood blood.claat
blood blood blood blood.claat

living inna time/where di blood is marketable
like di rest of my body/everyting is sellable
toxic shock syndrome/proctor gamble
chlorine bleach pad/suck blood mi nuh have

lurking culture vultures/a siddung pon di shelf
legalized pimping a mi cunt and mi blood

wid or widout applicators/wid or widout wings
brands a b c and d/don’t give a blood.claat bout me

yuh evah notice/see dem pon tv
cotex tampax always or maxi
dem nuh use red/a blue dem use instead
and i’m wondering from where di shame / around my cunt came from
like a covert operashun / more than half di populashun bleed

we used to have nuff nuff nuff nuff blood ritual
where oomaan come togeddah/and bleed inna di land
but now di blood naw flow/where did the rituals go
manufactured shame/designed to keep me inna chains

I bleed

five nights of bleeding/blood inna mi eye
five nights of bleeding/blood inna mi head
five nights of bleeding/blood inna mi womb
five nights of bleeding/blood inna mi cunt
five nights of bleeding/blood deh pon di ground
and when war come/whose blood run

brixton/railton road/rainbow/blues-dance/telegraph
like rivah blood just a flow/ wid blood liberashun have a chance
grenada joburg haiti
slavery ban mi belly and bleed/ ban mi belly an bleed
one century two century three century four/ five century overboard
captivity no more for she a come
blood fi wash yuh hate away/ blood fi wash yuh rape
blood fi wash di pain away/ blood fi wash di slate clean
blood gwine guh tek yuh/ blood gwine guh tek yuh

I bleed
why wi teach young amazons/to hide di fact dat
aunt flow come once a month/and she’s a setback?
don’t talk about har too loud inna public
be careful not to get CREASHUN pon di toilet
watch out yuh might get some CELEBRASHUN pon di chair
don’t stain di sheets wid yuh LIBARASHUN
nor di streets wid yuh REVOLUSHUN
young black bush oomaan/nuh birth a nation

young black bush oomaan walking around
no-one knows har name
she’s feeling demonized/ dehumanized/ disempoweredized
she needs to deprogrammize
close har eyes/ and feel inna di darkness
di deepness /di wetness/di redness a blood
I bleed

and when she comes to me once every month
she brings positive vibrashun wid har ciphah
no doc mi nuh waan nuh tylenol/no midol/no advil
no spirit killers to numb dis healing
jus gimme red raspberry tea
and i’ll be tranquil
right now she universe is communicating
I am elevating
surrendering myself to she gawdess within

ancient moddah spirit is calling
if I were in di bush/I would be bleeding
in di earth
watering har body wid mi healing
but mi live inna di shitty
no pad no tampon no liner no towel
no oppreshun / sheets well bloody
bleeding pon di bed instead

I bleed cuz i’m a warrior
amazon dawtah of yemoja
I bleed becuz di blood of di moon
di blood of di earth / di blood of di wind
di blood of di rain / di blood of di sun
makes me mawu: ancient afrikan gawdess divine who creates all life
black bush oomaan


*For more on D’bi Young and other Pan-African poets please visit Badilisha Poetry website, produced by the Africa Centre.

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