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Black Friday

by Sasha Eitan Benjamin / 09.12.2013

I was armed with a 80’s SLR and a single roll of film, meaning to head off to Knysna from Cape Town that morning at 8am. After hearing the news of the death of Madiba, I put my trip on hold. I headed to town to shoot what was happening on the streets of Cape Town. To my surprise everything was in a state of suspension; City Hall had just started blocking off Darling street, office workers waited at the bus stop to be taken home and Parliament stood still as the wind howled. There was an eerie lull as if Cape Town hadn’t yet woken up to the monumental announcement. Later in the day I went back to the locations I had visited earlier. In the short span of an hour they had transformed as masses gathered and the media and police were in full force.

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* Images © Sasha Eitan Benjamin

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