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The Last Nub | Big Concerts and the Zombie Apocalypse

Big Concerts and the Zombie Apocalypse

by Alastair Laird / 01.09.2012

*Comic © Alastair Laird.

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  1. Lame says:

    That shit is weak!

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  2. Andy says:

    We underwhelmed you again!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    These comics have me losing all faith in Mahala

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  4. rob says:

    What utter kak!! This is what happens when a guy has too much free time on his hands and tries to be edgy and cool with his controversial ideas that irritate and annoy! This Troll has this platform to spout his nonsense. I personally don’t think RHCP have lost anything in the way of their musical talent and awesomeness also we have never had them here! Same goes for linkin park just because you feel that the direction of their new stuff isn’t as good as their previous stuff everyone feels the same! And by posting this horse shit comic you knew there would be ppl like me to shut you up and it makes you happy then good for you buddy you succeeded at being a dickface! I’d rather watch RHCP and Linkin Park regurgitated than most of the new pop/dubstep nonsense Ps: eat a dick! Cheers

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  5. dan says:

    umm rob. i don’t think anyone really thought linkin parks early stuff was good either. just sayin…

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  6. rob says:

    An opinion is like an asshole, everyone has one! Even me but no one like there early stuff really? Sold out concerts bud, your arguement holds no water!

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  7. Mike says:

    Rob. Stop eating dicks.

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  8. Maxi Me says:

    we want kanye west. but I could take diana ross anyday.

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  9. rob says:

    Strictly sushi mike!

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Someone’s a bit sour the Lady Gaga tickets sold out before he could get one.

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  11. desmond says:

    ahahahahahahahhahahaha i bet you rob is a doos

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  12. Andy says:

    In 1992 I had Blood Sugar Sex Magik on cassette. I still had thick hair and only just had pubes. RHCP at the height of their powers. It’s now 20 years later and a series of crap albums with diminishing returns they decide to tour South Africa and we all jump around like this is great and not a totally exploitative act by shit promoters and a mainstream audience who don’t know any better and are willing to accept outdated mediocrity. We’re the bottom of the barrel kids. Where old bands go to die.

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  13. Car Guard says:

    You don’t come onto mahala.co.za to read Garfield or Spiderman. You come here for local shit with no structure that is only funny for pub scraps. If you want something with substance then go buy an Archie with your next weeks taxi money at your local flea market and a quart with your change.

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  14. james says:

    Peppers still rock no question but comic is well done

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  15. Point Prozzie says:

    I was a RHCP fan and I still am but they have neglected SA since 1985 and now they want to jump on stage dancing with saggy man boobs with siff schnorrs to radio wank pop. Fuck those ou’s. It’s like watching Steve Fatar at Zack’s with Fruit & Veggies. Fuck off! I hope anthony wears a shirt.

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  16. Zimbabwean Dr now Car Gurading says:

    Rob go buy an Archie comic at the flea market and listen to the new RHCP album on your ipod by the dustbins!

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  17. rob says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha looks like I’ve been told! Maybe no one should come here good, bad or mediocre and we can sit with parlotones and prime circle over and over!

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  18. Goodcall says:

    I’m interested as to who the musical geniuses on here feel the promoters should be bringing to SA. While it’s clear you obviously have absolutely no understanding of the promotion business (and make no mistake, it is a business. This isn’t charity these guys are doing) let’s hear who you think would be relevant enough to warrant the cost of getting a band to SA. I think we can all agree that the Pepper post BloodSex don’t really matter but hey, stadium gigs are fun are try tell me you’re not going to jump around when they drop Give It Away. You truly do need to understand the cost of getting bands down here as well as the fact that anyone who’s massively popular and “right now” is booked up two years in advance for American, Asian and European dates that they’re getting way more for than what the promoters down here can afford to offer. Dry your eyes and go support the smaller international gigs to show the other promoters that they have a fan base to rely on when booking less commercial bands. Vote with your feet motherfuckers.

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  19. rob says:

    Goodcall for president kif bra!

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  20. rob says:

    On second thoughts I may have been overly critical of the comic as it lack of taste and unmainstream view of the band aside, it does have some simple charm. Regardless monday approaches I will be on the lookout for an archie comic as I’d like to see what that rascal jughead is up to! 🙂

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  21. Brian Green says:

    Bring down Death Grips. That’s who.

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  22. Max says:

    death grips for life

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  23. Skunk says:

    Pure genius.
    On a slightly different tangent, listen to True Men Kill Coyotes or Police Helicopter, compared to the latest drivel RHCP have manufactured for be a number one radio friendly play, and only one term comes to mind…weak sell-out shite. Mariah Carey has got more balls than them nowadays. Bring her out in fact, would rather watch her than Anthony Kiedis.

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  24. Melk Skud says:

    How about some Pearl Jam, while we’re raiding the archive? Or Bruce Springsteen, before he fucken dies!

    And just off the top of my ipod… The Black Keys, Manu Chao, Odd Future, Damien or Stephen Marley (or both), Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, The Roots, fucken M.I.A, Mike Snow. I’d settle for Aloe Blacc or Franz Ferdinand… I’d probably even turn out to see Kanye.

    Yes, I was at Little Dragon, which rocked even if the event organisation was pathetic.

    And in case you hadn’t noticed, stadium gigs are kak. Now get back into that Delorean Goodcall, the 80s is calling you!

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  25. your mom says:

    really?? fighting like a bunch of pansies over a band coming here? who gives a shit about RHCP. even Kedis’ book was a sell out. these guys were cool when we were kids, and that’s what Big concerts is supplying to. That and all of the pond scum who listen to 5fm and wank over the morning drive.
    I’d rather ram a vodka soaked tampon up my ass than attend this bullshit concert. Actually, I’d rather just do that right now… see ya!

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  26. Steve says:

    I donno what u guys are on about – Californication,By the way and Staduim Arcadium are all fucking classic albumns – if they carried on making the same albumn year after year ie blood/sugar pt 2 & pt 3 they woulda died long ago – bands have to grow and make new stuff to stay fresh – I for one am frickin glad they moved away from the old funky shit – an I bet all these haters are gonna b in at the gig going off – RHCP fucking rule

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  27. Kaapkobra says:

    If you do not like the acts that they bring us, just don’t attend ! Go watch your kak-jazz festival-whatever-hip hop-act, we do not go on about that !

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  28. Chill out says:

    If you don’t like RHCP just don’t go see them. Why do people on this site love complaining so much? If I want to go enjoy a concert by a band i used to love, so fucking what? You okes are so judgmental, not cool.

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  29. lester gabang says:

    nice one Alastair – totally true

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  30. Elizabeth says:

    I’m not a fan of hers, but Gaga is not past it/ a has been in any sense of the word!

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  31. ryan says:

    If an obscure artist comes over no one supports them, if an indie artist comes its labeled as hipster, if a popular artist comes its regarded as a sell out 5fm wank tank.

    Let’s rather book Steve Hofmeyr…

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  32. st. james says:

    if i got given a free RHCP ticket, i would give it away give it away give it away now

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  33. rob says:

    Hahahahaha those comments cut me deep leaving scar tissue that I wish you saw, but in any case I don’t ever wanna feeel like I did that day!

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  34. david says:

    boring adolescent crap.. i dont read makaka any more but still get these emails.. so before i decided to unsubscribe i thought i’d try reading one more time and this is what i get .. whinge moan bitch.. dont go littel child.. organise your own little party and invite your two friends.. no-one cares

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