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Being Oscar Pristorius 1

Being Oscar Pistorius

by Alastair Laird / 23.02.2013

Being Oscar Pristorius 2

Being Oscar Pristorius 3

*Comic © Alastair Laird.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is pretty stupid. Another gem Mahala. You guys are the epitome of the difference between actual writer and bloggers.

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  2. Cde Tjatjarag says:

    ah another nameless faceless Mahala critic. People are so brave on the internet. The true import and irony of your comment lies in your inability to even say what you mean properly when talking about writer(s) and bloggers.

    Doers do douchebag. This comic is spot on. Huge fan, Alastair, huge fan.

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  3. ... says:

    Oh yes. Zuma is totally and effectively using an international crime scandal to cunningly distract the nation from all the real issues! The real issues that no one is talking or noticing anymore because they are rendered blind in the face of celebrity! Like all that media space speaking about violence against women in light of the OP media coverage and bias that somehow now doesn’t exist! Also, let’s just lump in all the unrelated issues! Nkandla! The Rhino’s! White Genocide! Global Warming! Julius Malema! SO glad mahala is here to share the truth with us! PREECH.

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  4. Andy says:

    you said “white genocide”.

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  5. ... says:

    Exactly. Because in this case, it’s as relevant as Nkandla/Rugby/The secrecy Bill.

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  6. ... says:

    or as real an issue.

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  7. Andy says:

    before i can even address your comment, you need to go and google the holocaust, rwanda, cambodia, kosovo and the gukuruhandi so you have a better understanding of the term ‘genocide’.

    And then seriously, the comic is self-explanatory. The OP fixation is just a tragic soap opera parading as front page news, on every station and on almost every page. Who benefits from the shift in focus of the spotlight? Can’t believe I had to do that. I guess that’s the trouble with the internet, idiots have keyboards too…

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  8. ... says:

    i think the notion of the white genocide is hilarious and fictitious, and it’s really weird that you’re not getting the CLEAR irony. And yes, this comic IS self explanatory, but also just stupid in what it’s saying. There’s a murder case of international interest, which for obvious reasons is getting media space (it’s currently unfolding, there’s a celebrity involved, the celebrity’s version of events seems questionable etc). This hasn’t distracted people away from “the real issues” (because rugby and the secrecy bill are more “real” issues than a woman who has died at the hands of her lover, sure). If you look online and in the papers, there’s still much page space dedicated to those things you mention. the people haven’t forgotten. Also, in terms of gender violence, the OP trial is actually producing some really good discourse around the way gender violence is reported on and perceived, especially in high profile cases. So the OP trial is hardly obscuring that. Which you would know if you actually read anything except your own stupid blog. As for the other points… they’re akin to white genocide in the sense that 1. they are as retarded and real in this case 2. they are the cliched go-to issues for morons everywhere, who cant have a discussion about anything without bringing nkandla/corruption/fatcats/rhinos/white genocide/blah blah into everything. Cant believe i had to explain that…. but as you said, idiots with keyboards…

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  9. Andy says:

    dig, keep digging, it’s down there somewhere.

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  10. Skyler says:

    I got …’s irony Andy, the first time.

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  11. asd says:

    Don’t dignify these morons with answers, Davis. They’re all on their cocaine hangovers today.

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  12. cnut says:

    Davis is all nice and smug until one of the brothers puts a bullet in his head!

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  13. Jacob Zuma says:

    Hey that doesn’t even look like me!

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