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The Care BAREs

by BB / 11.09.2009

If you read the Mahala story on illustrious illustrator Kronk, you’ll know that amicollective is engaged in a super cool project at the moment. BARE brings together 100 artists. Each is given a 40cm tall plastic BARE to customize anyway they please. These little creations are then sent to galleries around the world and auctioned off, online, to the highest bidders. The philanthropic collective will donate all the monies to child welfare. So it’s for a damn good cause.

There’s “The Fate of Porridge Thieves” BARE, who ate Goldie Locks and now has her dwelling inside its stomach alongside the stomach amoebas; the “Everyone Hates Your Guts” BARE, a compulsive hypochondriac; “Tripod” BARE (featured at the forefront of the above poster), who is blessed with a penis the length of his legs, and a bunch of other whacky incarnations.

Check out the work of the artists and their crazy brains at http://bare.amicollective.com.

BARE Care 2
This pic: “Smoke of Wolf” BARE (by Roger Williams)

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