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An Open Letter to JayJays

by Bartlett / 19.02.2014

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and that you flatter to deceive. Well whoever ‘they’ are must’ve been talking about the clothing company that is JayJays, who’ve flattered us with deception by copying our original WTF T-shirt, as worn by SA gaming champion Robert Botha (below). Below the belt.


An article recently appeared on Moneyweb.co.za, stating (amongst other things) that: “This is all rather ironical, because Laugh it Off specialises in adopting and adapting other companies’ trademarks in order to pass social comment.”

To answer Moneyweb’s question – “Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?” Sure, we smoke pot. Lots of it. Our designer who came up with WTF said she was totally baked at the time. Which was August 2009, according to the date on the original design file. Who needs a good memory when you have Adobe Auto Save? But just because we smoke pot doesn’t mean we’re not original or that we’d call a company of Raymond Ackermans ‘black’. That’d be racist. We’d rather call them gay. And we don’t mean that in the awesome, homosexual sense, but rather in the lame, weak and creatively bankrupt way.


What we are also saying is that Laugh it Off needs you. You, you soldier for freedom of expression who fought with us in spirit all the way to the Constitutional Court. You, you once proud owner of a Laugh it Off T-shirt who eventually gave it to your gardener. You, person of awesomeness reading mahala.co.za.

We need you to send a mail to: shaunh@jayjays.co.za and let him know just how awesome his company is for the great lengths that they go to trawl the internet for original content and then plagiarize and reproduce it in the Far East at prices so cheap they can afford to undercut the original underdog. Talk about screwing the pooch, the panda, and the SATirist.

Go a step further if you feel to and let them know your thoughts on their Facebook wall.

Maybe y’all can make enough noise that their marketing team will sit up and pay attention and realize that this kind of business practice is uncool and that it could affect their sales?

Maybe their lawyers will pick a fight with us, or maybe, just maybe, their HR department will commission one local artist to produce some original T design work that they can call their own.

Wouldn’t that be a result? One more graphic designer gets paid, one more chocolate starfish gets thrown back into the sea of discontent. That’s all we can hope for.

For our part in this dodgy episode, all we can do is try and be the best chocolate starfish we can be: stay fresh and stay close to the high water mark.


Visit www.laughitoff.co.za, its cooler than JayJays.

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  1. Sour Grapes says:

    Is Gay Gays homphobic?

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  2. Robbie says:

    It’s homophobic and incredibly lame.
    I guess that’s why we don’t see your shirts around any more Justin. No more clever ideas.

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  3. Mike says:

    Why not sue for copyright infringement? This is not a trademark issue but clearly just plain old copyright infringement-

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  4. Rob says:

    Oh fuck, really? Gay gays? you wanted to diss them and the best you could come up with is calling them gay??? the meaning of gay as in stupid and lame springs directly from its meaning of homosexual. you actually cant separate the two quite so neatly you douchebags. i dont support ripping off designs but you have exactly ZERO sympathy for resorting to this juvenile bullshit. you utter fucking idiots.

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  5. Rob says:

    cool, decent people stopped using the word that way YEARS ago, right around the time Laugh If Off and their silly t-shirts were consigned to the dustbin of history.

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  6. derf says:

    um, using ‘gay’ as an insult is offensive, unhelpful, juvenile, passe, and deeply suspect.
    that mahala fails to see this just makes it worse.
    someone rips Laugh it Off’s lame panda image, and they respond this with playground invective?
    Wow, being gay, the worst ever.
    Those gay people, brah! They so faggy! neknom!
    a brand for oafs, by oafs.

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  7. Brett says:

    This is such a big, stupid load of homophobic crap and the fact that it’s justified by giving it an “oh no but this is what we mean” meaning doesn’t change that. It’s not even witty. It’s 2014. I know jocks who would find this juvenile.



    I hope both those pandas are dudes.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Uh so Laugh It Off = gay haters? Using the word gay as an insult IS homohating, you idiots

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  9. Bob Perfect says:

    Justin, you can go fuck yourself.

    Kids kill themselves daily over being called gay and you think you can make a joke about it?
    Congrats on being worse than the people you’re trying to fight.
    Gay is not a synonym for shitty and you are just as creatively bankrupt as them.

    Nobody will rise to your cause.

    Fuck you.
    Fuck you.
    Fuck you.

    Oh, and Mahala, how the fuck could you think publishing this was a good idea?

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  10. Mattt says:

    Meh. Knew I shouldn’t have scrolled down to the comments of a Mahala article. That cliche definition of insanity and whatnot. Undergrad English Lit tuts all over again – intellectually and morally superior contrarians bitching about everything other than the point and cussing people actually trying to achieve something. And yes, I said “bitching”; enjoy calling me a misogynistic jock / uneducated neanderthal… Good luck to the little guy. Blatant thievery of your intellectual property (which is not the same as a copyright, Mike) is swak, outsourcing to sweatshops in Asia and bullying you out of the market is even worse. Hope you can afford someone decent to do your lawyering.

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  11. not gay as in happy says:

    Its interesting who Laugh it Off thinks its “comrades-in-arms” are. Clearly, neither gays nor people who don’t have gardeners.

    I once counted myself a supporter, and over the years leant my help in both time and donations to your “struggle”. How disappointing to realise that all the while I was supporting a bunch of privileged homophobic idiots.

    Good luck in your call to arms, but you’ve certainly lost the support of this Gay.

    For future reference you might want to check out this chart: http://visual.ly/when-its-okay-say-gay

    You also might want to check out this amazing website http://www.nohomophobes.com/#!/today/ to get a sense of how damaging the cumulative affect of “that’s so gay” comments are.

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  12. Soapbox says:

    Hi Justin. Instead of us sending mails to Shaun, why not provide us with your email address so we can tell you just where to stick your application for help that involves anti-homosexual slurs?

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  13. robert hamblin says:

    Laugh it off you used to be my favorite neighbour here in Muizenberg. Now you are my least. Not o.k. guys not o.k. Apologise, show your spirit, come up with something you-like and clever to top all of the mess.

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  14. Marc says:

    Uh. “GayGays”? For realsies?

    Dude. Mahala?

    Have you guys ever thought about designing a t-shirt with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a blinged out carnival coon, with a caption that reads “ARNOLD SCHWARZENIGGER”?

    That would be pretty funny wouldn’t it? AND ORIGINAL! No?

    Why not give it a try and see how well it’ll fly with the South African majority? After all, if you can insult an already marginalized minority, I’m certain it would cause a riot.

    And by riot, I mean you’ll have your balls chopped off faster than you can spell “bigot”.

    You suck.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    i just love watching mahala crash and burn.. seriously, what a farce.

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  16. Atothek says:

    Haai nee man, is julle nou regtig sukke dom fôkneute dat julle dink dis slim om “gay” as ‘n belediging te gebruik.. Stewpit!

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  17. Alex says:

    Didn’t think the ‘panda WTF?’ thing was clever in the first place. What’s it getting at? If anything, it was a milder version of the flagrant homophobia of ‘GayGays’. Not cool or clever in any way. And as for Justin’s version of the word ‘gay’ as meaning ‘lame’, ‘weak’ and ‘creatively bankrupt’… Well, let’s just say I’m stunned at this glib and derisive cluelessness — especially given the context of widespread violent gay rights abuse in the world right now. No! Really not okay.

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  18. Jeff says:

    The use of the term gay, in the sense that they have used, is perfectly acceptable, however in this case, of attempting to garner support… foolish. let me explain.

    Colloquial English and even slang, allows for this, and all the people up in arms about it should be ashamed of themselves. Seriously. If you don’t like it, then don’t use any other Colloquial terms either. Its all acceptable or nothing is. To sit here as a comment warrior chirping about the homosexual slurs, is seriously misguided. Most of you doing the complaining are straight anyway. Who or what are you trying to compensate for? Your action to this, is just like Justin’s attempt at humor… completely misguided.

    As a homosexual, being called gay is like being told the sky is blue. its being used in the sense is not offensive, just foolish, as if you were proud to be gay, the association of meaning should be water of a ducks back, and if you have ever had the *pleasure of coming out , you should know, that fighting over an alternative meaning of a word, something like this, is not what we have worked for so long to emancipate the stigma of homosexuality.

    Justin’s point here about JayJays stealing work. It is the same thing that Beach Party had with a clothing retailer stealing their instagram photo and printing it on shirts, and is the same shit heuwils had with Justin Bieber and Wil.I.Am. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9IdtChadhR4

    Help the artists… and don’t victimise a person for the misguided use of a word that has more than one meaning.


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  19. laugh it off is crushingly embarrassing says:

    Doos 1: hey, okes, news just in!
    Doos 2: What is it broski?
    Doos 1: JayJays is trying to rip off our graphic of the one panda being butt-raped by the other panda, with WTF underneath.
    Doos 3: Dude, not cool! I designed that t-shirt! Gay animal sex is WTF, AMIRITE GUYZ?
    Doos 4: Don’t drop the soap! Hyuk Hyuk!
    Doos 3: No Homo!
    Doos 1: Guys, listen. We gotta comment. We gotta make a t-shirt dissing Jayjays.
    Doos 2: Do people still say ‘dis’?
    Doos 1: They do in Claremont, bro.
    Doos 2: Ok, how about, JAYJAYS is GAY.
    Doos 3: Hahaha! Quality punnage, brah!
    Doos 4: I have to step out to the pharmacy to buy some Rohypnol. Gotta date tonight!
    Doos 3: Go for it BRUVVVVVAAAAAA! Show that girl who’s BOSS!
    Doos 4: Yeah, because it definitely is a GIRL i’m date-raping tonight!
    Doos 1: No Homo!
    Doos 4: No Homo! (exits)
    Doos 1: Ok, okes, back to brainstorming.
    Doos 2: What about GayGays?
    Doos 3: That SOUNDS like JayJays, but it’s a diss, because GAY is the ultimate put-down!
    Doos 1: You okes are ledges. GAYGAYS it is. Whose up for a Nek-nom?

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  20. Shaun says:

    Hi there,

    As with every situation it only makes sense if two sides are reviewed to make a decision. The print in question is not original, neither by us NOR by” laughs it off “, I never denied that. It is quite clear that by going to Moneyweb he expected a more favourable response, which clearly on the facts he did not get. For clarity and maybe a little too much smoking on his behalf, the original has been around since 2008, so clearly not a fresh idea even then (this is fact and can be proven). As a rule we do not steal peoples design for any garment, what would the point be of that, customers aren’t stupid, they would ask why we are copying someone else, no brand would or will have longevity is this is the principle on which they work, he has tried to make this the case by this example but he is ill informed. We subscribe to the legal parameters of design, which for those who don’t know have strict guide lines on what classifies copying. I fully admitted that in this case we did get it off the internet as we found it funny, we are a small team and we only do very limited items from our office here ( design that is ). This print is and has is and has been around as I said since 2008 (note a year before they printed it), again not original design from Laugh it off and seen everywhere across the world as a parody; we saw no harm in using it. I searched responsibly to see if it was registered and found that it hadn’t or could not be as the original logo is not owned or designed by anyone other than WWF. I can also clearly state that I had no idea that it had been done here locally , if you google WTF panda you will see that other than the current activity Laugh it off doesn’t come up as a reference but many companies in America do .
    We are not the big ogre in this case and as much as they want to make a stink and have rude mails sent to my inbox, I will not admit liability. Had we been wrong I would have done the right thing. Again this is not likely to happen as we stick to design rules and have no intention of hurting someone or trying to make a quick buck out of someone’s else’s time and effort , least of all hurt someone who is trying to make a business for themselves in this country . Keeping in context, this is one tee shirt, had we done something in error we would admit financial damages without question.
    I would also like to add that Jay jays has brought nearly 30 % of our production back to SA which has been our own initiative to support local production , of course it also makes business sense to do so. We are also helping to employ two graphic designers to do SA original design instead of using solely garments from our Australian principle.
    I have a clear conscience, had his case been better Moneyweb would have slaughtered us, show me a journalist that doesn’t want to discredit “moneymaking business “, she couldn’t do this for very fair reasons and facts.
    Personally gay gays is derogatory , he obviously couldn’t come up with more original material ,he obviously knows that I am gay and wanted to be offensive and rile me up. If the end decision is not to support us on what he has said and what I have replied then there isn’t much more I can do, he made it quite clear that his angle was to trial me and Jays by clever writing, misrepresentation and a one sided view in order to get some sort of settlement (this is subtly written in his prose and also mentioned by him when I called him to discuss) .I can’t change that but won’t be bullied by him either.
    Thanks you for reading my reply, I am very happy to field any other opinions.

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  21. Ang says:

    This is pathetic – glad your ‘open letter’ backfired on you. Huge pity this load of homophobic crap has been given a public platform.

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  22. Marc says:

    Wait? YOU’RE gay and you thought the panda design was acceptable?

    S R S L Y ?

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  23. YellowElevator says:

    Justin, how did you possibly think that this was a good way to approach this? So fucking stupid and backward and homophobic.

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  24. Andrew says:

    Heard of doggy style?

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  25. Richard Benjamin says:

    Has the richness of the English language become so narrow in relation to interpretation of meaning of the word ‘gay’ that one has no right to use it in a ‘non-sexual orientation’, without being accused of bigotry, discrimination or slander. Sure ‘flay gays’ is arguably homophobic and ‘yeah gays’ homophile but have we lost all sense of reason when ‘we had a gay day at the amusement park’ is interpreted as containing a surreptitious reference.

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  26. anon says:

    Lol Richard you’re a doos. Forget about the gay part of it – Justin is just a moronic, childish, homophobic idiot.

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  27. comrade says:

    What gets me about this is that Justin is not actually stupid. I don’t doubt that he is *perfectly* aware that the entire reason for the development of the insulting form of “gay” is homophobia. It is not *coincidental*. ‘Gay’ is used as a sneering insult – only, and I mean *only*, by the profoundly ignorant or very young – as a reflection of a homophobic society. Justin knows this. But he is clearly very angry – that much is evident from his letter. So in his attack on JayJays, he opted for what he presumably thinks is the worst insult of all – to be called gay. But he knew that right-thinking people would find this puerile and offensive, so he tried to cover his back by creating an entirely artificial distinction between the “awesome homosexual” use of gay, and *his* use as an insult. Does Justin honestly not see that the semantic pairing of “gay” with “rubbish” sends out a continual message that gays are inferior? Of course he does. He sees it perfectly well. This is breathtakingly cynical.

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  28. James says:

    No. Using gay as an insult is not acceptable, however you try to justify it. It’s this sort of crap that we, as gay people, have to deal with on a daily basis from morons like you Justin. Go fuck yourself, you just lost my sympathy vote.

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  29. Robbie says:

    Well done Shaun. You’re my new hero. I’m going to buy one of your t-shirts.

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  30. Mamma says:

    Am I the only one who found Justin’s open letter funny? That is mos what Justin intended. I really don’t think it is homophobic. Are people still so sensitive about gayness?

    We have heard Justin’s side. Jay Jays has now responded. Who do you believe? One of them must be lying then, no?

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  31. Rob says:

    I think the remedial class is down the hall, Mamma

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  32. Anonymous says:

    Such bullshit. But no surprise really, as the biggest market for Laugh it Off shirts these days are UCT jocks who think its fucking HILarious to torment their classmates by throwing their sexual orientation around as an insult. Well played Justin, its hard to turn a crowd against you when you have something stolen from you, but you managed.

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  33. You ALL be hating says:

    You know what the most entertaining part of this whole saga is? The people who are calling out the writer for “hate Speech” by using terms like ” you utter fucking idiots”, “a brand for oafs, by oafs”, ” idiots”, “Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.”, “So fucking stupid and backward”, “moronic, childish, homophobic idiot”, “Go fuck yourself”. Too many “holier than thou” Liberals in this country who make a scene when it suits them. Got to love the way this country has become so sensitive. Hypocrites the lot of you. Haters in your own right.

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  34. Hannes says:

    Irrespective of the questionable merit of the whole saga and the juvinile Laugh it Off response, Mr Nurse is obviously not big on fact checking. If I was Raymond Ackerman I would demand an apology for having my name dragged into this mud slinging exercise. In more clear terms: Jay Jays is part of the Pepkor group, you dumbass.

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  35. anonymous says:

    yak yak yak wtf all this for an unoriginal print. Who exactly stole what here hmmmmmm?

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  36. John says:

    You ALL be hating says – Its not about being sensitive or haters. It about a minority of people who has gone through a lot to be where they are today and still face oppression and violence i.e.Russia. Would you everybody rather just have not say anything ? Justin is homophobic towards gay people. Remember to always look at issues from another perspective. Gay people face a lot of issues. Look at lesbian corrective rape in this country. In a way Justin is actually endorsing hatred against gay people. His use of the Word Gay Gays is obviously used in a negative way. Young people look at these sort of comments and don’t want to come out as gay because they don’t want to be called gay gays or you shopped at gay gays.
    Justin look at the facts from shaun and stop making up assumptions. I will never support laugh it off again. I will be maxing my cards at Jay Jays.

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  37. James says:

    Nicely said John.

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  38. Wendy says:

    “The best chocolate starfish”? That makes you an asshole, right?

    How can LIO stand on a soapbox bleating about originality/creative ownership when their very own success is based on ripping off (see what I did there) other people’s original work? The “Black Labour – White Guilt” & “Corruption” tees were/are at least clever, but I’m still not sure what makes two pandas rutting funny or clever – WTF? indeed. Gay Gays is just scraping the bottom of the barrel – not funny, not clever, not acceptable. I supported your fight against the big boys when you actually had something worthwhile to say. But Gay Gays is puerile, and ultimately says more about the creative team and the standards of LIO, than anything else.

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  39. Woodrow says:

    So we’re ignoring the issue about people stealing intellectual property? Fuck the graphic designer and his livelihood because a writer rubbed a community up the wrong way.

    GayGays is a dated joke and is offensive, yes, but we’ve derailed the point of this article.

    Welcome to the fucking internet, ignoring the point since forever.

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  40. lusty lesbo says:

    I am gay. And personally I don’t mind. It’s a word. A word cannot define us. It’s just like racism, you think if no one mentions it it will just go away. No, get used to it. Stop being so sensitive. Justin was wrong to make this so public. But I’m pretty sure Justins definition of gay will soon be added to the dictionary as one of the meanings of the word. It’s just like the word bitch. I don’t get insulted by it because I don’t define myself as gay. Use the word more often I say. I joke about it with my friends and im sure many of you do too. Ignoring it makes it worse. Say it enough and you can change the meaning and maybe we won’t have to be gay anymore. We can just be people. P.S just because he uses the word gay does not mean he’s homophobic. Ur seeing homophobia everywhere

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  41. Shaun says:

    Really Woodrow , read my response , no one stole anything . This is not graphic design , it’s copy and paste ,sure the hourly rate for this isn’t too high . Thanks for trying to get back to the non issue . Well done .

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  42. M says:

    Woodrow 2 words Goo Gle…

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  43. WWF says:

    WWF is all for some good ol’ panda love, but when it results in t-shirt tugging, we know it’s time to take a look at the matter in black and white. What we’d really like to see is Jays shaking hands with Justin, and maybe both will laugh it off and make a sizeable donation to WWF! Now that’s something we can all kiss and cuddle about – panda-style.

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  44. Becca says:

    lusty lesbo – just because you do not feel insulted by it does not make it acceptable. I’m glad for you that your self esteem is so rock solid as not to be affected by homophobic slurs, but not everyone’s is.

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  45. L says:

    I think what we can decipher from this is that perhaps it was an opportunity for Laugh It Off to create an up storm on Mahala in order to prove their strength against such a dominant brand such as JayJays who own majority of closest space amongst South African teens. This is similar to their case against SAB, their first tactic is to cause a ruckus amongst ‘you guys’, which by reading the previous comments, has been successful. The second would be playing the role of a ‘black widow’, small but deadly, using its resources to create as much buzz around the topic as possible, creating free brand exposure even if in a negative light. We know that JayJays has been sourcing images from the net, I must force the fact that Cape Town is a design capital, therefore its only logical that JayJays should employ one of many struggling designers to come up with original content, even if they source images, atleast change it by 25%. By doing so they are creating jobs as well as living up to the international expectations & standards of our city. I am certain that Mr.Nurse understands the implications of using a homophobic word and perhaps these negative comments are like music to his ears, its almost as if you are telling a villain his own plot. Perhaps some further research into this topic from previous examples is what we need.
    This is the top 5 copyright cases in history:
    Please read into it and respond with more logical comments and not personal outbursts, repetition gets boring…

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  46. lusty lesbo says:

    Well that’s your own thing. I don’t see it as homophobic . So unless you want to continue discussing your insecurities on q page dedicated to copyright theft, I suggest you dial a self-esteem hotline

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  47. Yeezy says:

    Hey lusty lesbo

    I guess you are one of those people who doesn’t see race either.

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  48. You ALL be hating says:

    The world is full of problems… everyone has problems. Just because you are gay it doesn’t make your problems any harder to face or worse than anybody else’s. You aren’t special, you’re just gay and who the fuck actually cares? I sure as hell don’t. The world is a hard, evil fucked up place if you let it be. Harden the fuck up or you will forever be a victim. Stop whining and do something about it if it really is an issue for you, and by that i mean get your fucking hands dirty in the real world instead of preaching on the Internet. Right now you “defenders of the down trodden / Loud mouth, no action monkeys” Liberals are just making people even more irritated with this “feel sorry for us/them routine”. I could give two fucks who you fuck, what i do care about is thieves and plagiarists. And yes Shaun i have read your comment and there does seem to be two sides to the story but for the love of all that is Holy, stop playing the “it’s cause i’m gay” card. It’s getting as old as the homophobes.

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  49. John says:

    You ALL be hating – We have hardened the fuck up. That why we are speaking out against letters like this. You are one of the few that has no issue with the gays. But that is not the reality of the situation in the world. You have to look at the reality which you are clearly oblivious to. We have risen up to get our hands dirty quite a few times – once again look at the reality as well as history to which you are once again oblivious to. We do not need anybodies pity. We don’t want to be pitied. I would suggest that you rather educate yourself with the world of gay people, the history etc. before writing such utter rubbish as you just did.

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  50. […] a bid to mock its opponent in the dispute, Laugh It Off included a design in an open letter that parodies the JayJays logo and instead reads […]

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  51. […] days ago, the art and culture website Mahala published an open letter from Laugh It Off directed at clothing company Jay Jays. Jay Jays was […]

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  52. Peter Mooring says:

    Yoh! Children, Children Children, your reactions to this whole discussion has become so volatile…Breathe in and out. If somebody calls you gay and you can’t handle being gay, you need to work harder on your sensitivity. If you get offended by being gay, then you don’t deserve to be gay.

    No 2. If a black man calls you a white boy or an umlungu “Laugh it off” , because its funny how closed minds and simple remarks can cause such destruction!!

    If a white man calls you a kaffir “Laugh it off” because he is more closed minded shallow and retarded than you are.

    Do u see what i’m getting at? Half of you are probably artist’s and you are responding with such retaliation with self belief that Justin is a dick, and his work is empty and creatively bankrupt. You have just benefited “Laugh it off” to the actual maximum, by being such self righteous judgmental art fag critics..

    Laugh it off! and scroll down.

    Im a ginger and i am proud of it.

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  53. Jaryd says:

    Wow! Lost all credibility when you decided to throw some good old homophobia in there. Even if that’s not what you meant by it, your use of words was astonishingly bad. If you’re a designer you could have perhaps put a little more thought into it and come up with something witty, instead of offensive.

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