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Assfuckin and Apartheid

A Brief Justification of Apartheid

by Alastair Laird / 21.01.2012

Assfuckin and apartheid

Illustration © Alastair Laird.

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  1. brandon says:

    v good

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  2. Ts'eliso says:

    L-to the motherfuckin’ O-L

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  3. @Ewokessay says:

    Well, that about sums that up. Could we have one about the recession please? Should only take one panel no matter how big the American dick is drawn.

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  4. Anoras says:

    hectic -eish!

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  5. Anoras says:

    enter the sif ous …when the justification morphed into serious fag hedonism.

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  6. Max says:

    The “kommie so” frame kills me haha

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  7. the ginger dutchman says:

    i must say max, the drawings are much better than yours.

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  8. rol says:

    Thanks Mahala. I think that’s probably enough gratuitous buttfucking references for me – I shan’t need any more for the rest of 2012. I look forward to some non-anal-rape-related articles in the near future. . .

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  9. God says:

    Wow I am no homophobe but (no punn) there seems to be so much anal sex references on mahal these days? it’s a bit gross. Understandable though as mahala can’t seem not to ripp and ass fuck anything thing that comes on there pages. A lot of hate on these pages hey……..

    Apartheid was a fucking serious and sensitive issue. This strip embarrassed me.

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  10. jesus says:

    Dad ^, stop being a prude. The mahala peeps are just having a bit of fun. Apartheid was a serious thing, sure, but it’s way past time that someone took the piss out of it. Don’t you see – they are challenging the taboos: sodomy and apartheid.

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  11. Krishna says:

    You Shush

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  12. Judas Escariot says:

    Whether it’s blood on the knife or shit on the dick. Damn you philistines, your taboos are to be damaged just like your colons.

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  13. Krishna says:

    Not you J-man

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  14. Satan says:

    God can’t spell for shit.

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  15. Buddha says:

    What’s for lunch?

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  16. Richard Dawkins says:

    Y’all just trolling, now

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  17. Anoras says:


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  18. Herman Lategan says:

    Hie hie hie …

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  19. Kian says:

    A bit derivative of Bittercomix. Same old same old.

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  20. Pascal says:

    mahala is jut.

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  21. Gordon says:

    Pascal is a second-rate designer.

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  22. noonoo says:

    This is the first one I actually liked

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  23. Will says:

    Derivative schmerivative, good shit.

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  24. Mandla says:

    Let me PDF this and share with my colleagues at work. See how it turns out. We might have a nicely heated racial argument involving afrikaaners, engels mense and die swaart gevaar.

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  25. Andy says:

    go for it Mandla… report back here soon

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  26. SihleMthembu says:

    Would love to see an animated version of this

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  27. Chinxxx says:

    This is hilarious. Awesome illustration!

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